8 Most-Loved Essential Oils That Can Save Your Day

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If you were given a chance to watch a movie about how we live now and how we used to, how do you think would you feel?

Truth be told, we are living in such a fast-paced world now. It seems like our society is now dominated by beliefs and ways of thinking that’s all about instant satisfaction.

Most of the time, we got no room to pause and breathe anymore! This is especially true for us, midlife women. It’s simply a little challenging to catch up with the ever-changing world sometimes. Oh, did I just hear an amen?!

The daily environment you are dealing with affects your state of mind and body. As most of our symptoms come from a stressful lifestyle, we often reach for pills to have a quick fix. We respond like we got no time to be sick! Come to think of how our ancestors treated themselves before. They never had pills to grab, yet they managed to heal! Their earliest medicines were all made from plants surrounding them. What an uncomplicated way to fight off stress, wasn’t it?

There’s a time and place for pharmaceuticals, but it shouldn’t be the first answer, nor the only form treatment.”

― Dana Arcuri, Life Coach on Healing, Health and Hope

Most Proven-Effective Essential Oils for Menopause!

For centuries, essential oils have been used for their proven effective medicinal, spiritual and uplifting properties! Nowadays, essential oils have become more popular than ever, as people keep discovering the holistic healing powers of these oils.

Essential oils are one of our best alternatives, known to perfectly blend the ancient traditions with modern science! The moment I welcomed essential oils to my daily routine, I have indeed enjoyed the best of both worlds! I keep a mix of different kinds, and each has its unique benefits. Let me walk you through them!

1. Lavender Oil

Lavender is popular for invoking relaxation and improving the mood! It can also improve sleep quality, especially among people with insomnia. Including lavender aromatherapy to your nightly habit can help promote better sleep and relaxation!

2. Clary Sage Oil

Rubbing one or two drops of diluted clary sage oil at the back of your neck, or on your feet, has been shown to help with hot flashes! It can also be useful when inhaled. Clinical tests also show that clary sage can help menopausal women by minimizing thyroid stimulating hormones, reduce stress levels and even help with depression!

3. Peppermint Oil

Peppermint can also be used to reduce discomfort when experiencing hot flashes. You can mist it on your face using a water spritzer or a portable inhaler. Peppermint has also been found to help reduce pain brought about by dysmenorrhea — which affects not only young women, but also 50% of those undergoing menopause too!

4. Basil Oil

Studies suggest that basil contains an estrogen-like component. Meaning, it has the potential to aid menopausal women in adapting to changing estrogen levels! Traditionally, basil has been used to combat hot flashes by applying diluted oil on the feet or at the back of the neck. It can also help lift moods when used in aromatherapy!

5. Neroli Oil

This oil can help enhance post-menopausal women’s estrogen concentrations and lower blood pressure. A study proved that Neroli oil has helped reduce women’s stress levels. It possesses anti-inflammatory qualities, which can help provide relief for the many aches and pains that menopause sometimes brings us!

6. Geranium Oil

Geranium oil can provide relief for dry skin! A study also showed that geranium oil has antidepressant properties that can help women experiencing depression and mood swings! Another clinical trial involving menopausal women revealed that receiving aromatherapy massage with almond and geranium oils can improve mood and depression!

7. Vitex Agnus-Castus Oil

Vitex Agnus-Castus (or chasteberry) is a shrub that has been used traditionally in herbal medicine. The leaves and berries are distilled and extracted to create essential oils! Vitex is proven effective to help treat a variety of health issues affecting women, such as: controlling bleeding, female infertility, “lumpy” fibrocystic breasts and menstrual cycle irregularities.

8. Citrus Essential Oils

Oils made from lemon, orange, grapefruit and tangerine are said to reduce menopause symptoms and boost sexual desire. These essential oils can regulate your pulse rate and regulate estrogen levels in your body!

Have I left you wanting more? Let’s keep going in our article “How to Use Essential Oils for Maximum Aromatherapy Benefits in Menopause!” We got more sorts of essential oils for you to discover there! You’ll also learn how to start integrating these oils in your daily routine!

Major Things to Consider for Safety!

1. Essential Oils are Concentrated Substances

To give you a picture of how potent essential oils are, imagine this:

For you to get just one pound of rose essential oil, 5000 pounds of fresh, undamaged rose petals are needed! And one drop of peppermint oil is equal to approximately 28 cups of peppermint tea! That’s how concentrated essential oils are. They are literally squeezed from plant materials, making one single drop very valuable and holds great medicinal value!

Now, for your safety, use essential oils sparingly and follow proper dilutions. If they are applied undiluted, you will end up with mild to severe chemical burns. Remember, when it comes to essential oils, less is more. It’s just like prescription drugs — popping three or four pills instead of one isn’t going to give you a quicker and more powerful healing effect. Instead, it’ll worsen your health and lead to serious health complications!

Essential Oils Can Be Toxic When Ingested

You might not want to leave essential oils lying around your house. You see, they can easily break or be opened by anyone, especially children who put anything in their mouths! Ingesting essential oils is toxic. They contain potent chemicals that our liver needs a lot of hard work to process.

For pets, the liver can’t even process these chemicals, which can lead to instant death. Children’s livers are still developing, which makes them unable to process complex compounds in essential oils. This can lead to serious complications, like organ damage and failure. Please keep essential oils away from children and pets. In case essential oils are ingested in large amounts, immediately seek medical help.

Given how popular essential oils have become and the number of brands available, safety concerns can possibly grow. Learn more about internal use, topical use and aromatic use for essential oils here! [11:11]

Dr. Josh Axe can help you avoid the most common mistakes that usually lead to unwanted results! Still and all, studies show that essential oils have very few negative side effects or risks, as long as they are used with caution.

In conclusion…

It is undeniable that we have lived in a bubble, thinking that pills are the best solution for treatment. Thankfully, as that bubble popped, we are becoming more aware about alternatives! Solutions that would give you not just a band-aid remedy, but will serve your body right!

Add essential oils to your daily routine and you’ll be surprised how much these oils can do. Give it a try, whether you like it blended to your morning cup of tea or make it a de-stressing session before you put the lights out at night! Numerous studies have already proved that essential oils are highly beneficial, but there’s only one way to find out — TRY IT FOR YOURSELF!

Go ahead and don’t miss the amazing wonders of nature through these oils. Bring them in to your midlife journey and never let go. Rejuvenate your mind and body, lovely one! You deserve a beautiful life, with essence!

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