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Name: Chris


For the last 4 yrs. I’ve noticed my hair getting thinner. I used to have extremely thick hair. I am 63 now and it’s getting so thin it’s frightening. What’s happening?



Also, see your medical advisers, a nutritionist or naturopath to find out the cause.

All the best,


Name: Amaka


My name is Amaka and I am presently a single lady of 43 years intending to marry soonest and I wanted to be on the right track for getting pregnant on time. How do I help myself?


Hello, Amaka!

Thank you so much for your email. We appreciate that you reached out to us, and we understand your concern. Pregnancy is a beautiful experience that many women long to experience in their lifetime.

We know how aging can be a discouraging factor against pregnancy. However, there are indeed many women in their 40’s who have gotten pregnant and gave birth to happy and healthy children. So, do not feel discouraged! Your body is capable of incredible miracles no matter your age.

Since you intend to marry and get pregnant soon, here are some helpful information we can share to help you in this process:

Getting pregnant in your 40’s may take longer. It is normal and natural that the body is not as fertile as it once was. However, pregnancy IS possible, even without fertility treatment.
At 43, you can still try to get pregnant naturally. You can try conceiving for 6 months, if you are willing to wait. Do keep in mind that as each year goes by, your chances of getting pregnant may decrease.
It is always best to seek help from your doctor and get some basic fertility testing to evaluate your chances right away.
Two treatments that are proven to be effective for women in their 40’s are in vitro fertilization (IVF) and egg donation.

In IVF treatment, the doctor will take a huge amount of egg cells (via a transvaginal ultrasound-guided needle) and will place the eggs in a petri dish in the lab with specially washed sperm cells (retrieved via masturbation.) Some of the retrieved eggs will then become fertilized by the sperm cells and become the embryos that will form into your baby as it is transferred in your uterus.
If you are considering IVF, please note that some facilities will only take eggs from women until age 43. This means you need to get this process started within the year if this is the best option for you. Other factors for IVF treatment include weight, substance abuse (alcohol, cigarettes, etc.), and emotional health.
Egg donation is a great option for women who can’t use their own eggs to conceive. A surrogate mother may also be required to carry the child, depending on the state of your reproductive system.
Check out this article to read the success story of a 46-year-old woman who used an egg donor to conceive her child:
Apart from IVF and egg donation, many women also choose to have their eggs frozen, to be used for whenever they feel ready to get pregnant. However, many experts suggest freezing one’s eggs before they turn 35. While this may not work for you, be sure to tell your friends and let other women know!

If the two procedures above are also not an option for you, here are some great tips you can try daily to increase your chances of getting pregnant:

Get more intimate with your husband. Let’s face it: The more sex you have, the better your chances are to conceive. Know when your body is fertile and make use of that time to get pregnant. The best time to “do the deed” is about 14 days after the first day of your last period. Day 1 and Day 2 of this period are the best opportunities to make a baby.
Stay fit and eat healthy. Keep your weight within the right range when you are trying to have a baby, because being overweight lessens your chances. Do this by eating more fruits and vegetables and avoiding processed or instant food.
Stop drinking and quit smoking. Alcohol and cigarettes are already bad for babies even before they are made. These habits greatly decrease your ability to get pregnant.
Boost your vitamins. Folic acid and Vitamin D are important nutrients when trying to conceive.

We hope all these info and tips help you on your journey to pregnancy. We think you are doing an incredibly brave thing by having a baby in your 40’s!
Wishing you the best of luck!

Take care,


Name: Mary

Hi Gita:

Thanks for my free gift.

OK you asked for ideas on subjects to address. Here it is:

I tried intermittent fasting, but I was not successful at it. Why? I could not conquer my cravings in the evenings. I wanted popcorn. I wanted ice cream. I wanted chips. Or even yogurt or cottage cheese.

How do I get over my hunger? Maybe it’s not really actual hunger. Maybe it’s emotional eating, or maybe I’m just bored. In any case, green tea or matcha or whatever others have suggested doesn’t work for me. I cannot handle green tea for some reason whether or not it’s decaffeinated tea or not.




Hi Mary,

I’m not sure how you do your Intermittent Fasting. A good way to start is 16:8, when you skip breakfast and have your first meal at lunch. See to it that you eat good fats, moderate protein and low carb. Maybe you eat too little and too many carbs, hence the cravings in the evenings. Also, if you have insulin resistance, that will make you crave to get energy. I suggest that you eat a healthy dinner, enough to make you feel satisfied. This should stave off hunger later on.

Emotional eating is also a big issue for many women. Identify your triggers and find ways to deal with them. You might want to go for a walk or do some light exercise to feel calm.

No matter how challenging, do continue Intermittent Fasting as it helps with weight control and has a lot of health benefits for the body.

Hope that helps, and good luck!


Name: Denise
Articles on whether we should use Estrogen creams (patches) or progesterone creams if it can be risky?


Hi Denise,
Thank you for your email!
A lot of research has been done whether the use of estrogen or progesterone creams (patches) is safe or not. When used locally, hormone replacement therapy (HRT) doesn’t increase the risk of cancers or heart disease because they don’t pass organs like your gut or liver, so they are less potent. You can find more information about it here:
However, you should note that the best type of HRT depends on your health, your preference and your individual needs. It’s best that you visit your doctor to discuss your options.

I hope this helps!

Name: Val
On my Gynaecologist’s recommendation and because I cannot take HRT, I have just started taking Shatavari tablets for menopausal hot flashes, mood swings but mainly to help with vaginal atrophy. Do you have any idea how long it will take for the tablets to start working?


Hi Val,

Some herbs have immediate effect and others take a bit longer.
It also depends on how much you take and how you take it.
For Shatavari, it can be taken as a powder, tablet or liquid extract.
I recommend you ask for instructions from where you bought it or from a herbalist nearby.

All the best!

Name: Rose

Thanks so much for this expansive amount of VITAL INFO (for me at least) !!!
I’m feeling better already just seeing some of this info briefly today, there’s HOPE for a much easier/happier transitional period (Meno) after all.
Your site covers/answers many of my meno issues!!! ? Also, thanks very much for my free ebook (“11 Things You Should Do…”) I skimmed it & am just as blown away/happy with it as I am with your site!!! LOADS of awesome info/help!!! You guys have made my YEAR already…& my LIFE will be forever changed with the info/tools that you provide.
Cannot thank you enough. Great/AWESOME job with your site! I’ll be sure to share it with my Meno friends!!!
Pls keep it going in this direction!!! ?

Best Wishes,



Hi Rose,

Your kind comment made our day. ?

The most important thing is for women to know about this BEFORE they reach menopause.
If women are better informed, they can prepare ahead.
They don’t have to question the purpose of life, their spouse etc., just because of imbalances during menopause.

As you probably have seen we are all about healthy living to prevent symptoms and having a good life ahead.
Appreciate you sharing. ?

All the best,


Name: Louise

I was reading about your morning detox but I have one question. How do you think it will react with irritable bowel syndrome? I have to be careful what I eat as certain vegetables hurt me etc so I also need to watch what I use that could flair it up. Thank you.



Hi Louise,

Except for the little black pepper in the recipe, other ingredients are not known to trigger IBS symptoms.

In fact, some studies say coconut oil, turmeric and ginger are good for your gut.

As always, please seek advice from your health provider before using any new information you picked up from the internet. Your specific condition might need special attention. ?

All the best,



Thank you Gita. One problem with the health provider, I don’t have one that I trust. Omission and deceit comes to mind when I think of the medical profession. I was kept on Estradiol for 29 years. Need I say more? I will check out your product.


Hi Louise,

Looking for a healthcare provider that you can trust should be on top of your list.
Sometimes, it’s good to seek a second opinion from a specialist. You can also see a Naturopath or a Doctor in Functional Medicine.

We don’t have any products, but we provide information so you can find balance despite “modern way of living”.

We believe in taking care of the body and mind as the primary way to feel good.

Of course, in many cases women need other treatments, provided by different healthcare professionals.

Hope you find relief for your IBS symptoms soon.

All the best,




I have lived with IBS for many years and finally started doctoring myself with probiotics which has helped tremendously. It isn’t easy to find a quality doctor in today’s society. It is especially hard to find one when you are old enough to be forced on Medicare. Medicare has been a real downfall of our country as it is nothing short of socialized medicine and doctors hate to take it. If you are not on Medicare I can assure you that you don’t know what I’m talking about and unless you are wealthy at age 65 you will. I plan to get a salvia test done and go from there. Thank you for your suggestions.


Hi Louise,

I’m sorry to hear that you had your IBS problems for so long ?
I am aware that it can be hard to get the right help.

Taking out sugar, gluten and dairy is a big help for many. Eat an anti-inflammatory diet. Stress can also play havoc on our gut.

It is good to look at everything in your “frame” – body and mind.

Taking lab tests could be a start, but also have a health practitioner that you can trust.

Wish you the best!

Name: Lynn
Thank you so much for your good advice and precious help. I will read all the information you sent. Funny how it arrived at a good moment for me for I am going through a very difficult period right now.

I have been taking maca root supplements which seemed to help for a couple of months, not as many hot flashes, night sweat and better sleep for a while, but now I am getting Many mood swings, mostly very sad, and sometimes aggressive, very low self-esteem and major hair loss?.
I was going to call my Dr to possibly starting HRT for I can’t live like this, it is unbearable for me. My Dr talked about taking the contraceptive pill the last time I saw him and although I suggested testing my hormones, he said it wasn’t necessary for apparently, we all know what goes on during menopause…So I am thinking about HRT for it seems to work wonders on many women but I am scared of the possible side effects! But between my symptoms that I find difficult to alleviate and the possible side effects, I am starting to think it would be worth the risk…

Finally, I would like to know if you have any suggestions for hair loss ( i am starting to obsess and feel so self-conscious about it ?) and for now I think I will take the time to read all the great information you sent and try to figure other options before starting HRT.

Thank you so much



Hi Lynn,

Happy to hear that you found our information helpful!

Menopause symptoms can be addressed in many ways.
But first, it’s good to know the root cause of why you’re feeling the way you do.

There are tests you can take to know If you have thyroid problems or you are lack things in the body such as hormones, vitamins and minerals.
Talk to your doctor about it. Many women also turn to naturopaths and functional doctors for help.

HRT is an option and recent studies show that taking estrogen 5 to 7 years (and even longer) just after your periods stop has advantages.
It lowers the risk of osteoporosis, dementia and colon cancer as well as menopause problems.
New international guidelines are coming soon saying HRT should be tailored for every woman who wants this treatment. As with all medications there are risks.

Whatever you decide, you should not feel the way you do.
I am glad you are taking action to feel better.

All the best!
Gita ♥

Name: Glenda
I’m going through menopause really bad. My night sweats are terrible. But I need to know what can I use to bathe with because my sweats make me have a funny smell. Suggestion please


Hi Glenda,
Thanks for sharing your concerns with us.
Body odor does come hand in hand with over sweating. I personally add Epsom salt to my bath water and add drops of clary sage, chamomile and peppermint for their cooling effects.

We have a body odor article with plenty of tips and tricks, you can read it here. We are also releasing a body odor e-book soon, with lots of solutions, you can subscribe here to get updates.

Dr. Berg has a video about how to ease hot flashes HERE.
It’s also good to visit your doctor, so he/she can help you out with possible solutions.
Try the essential oils, hope they soothe you!


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