How to Treat Dry Skin in Menopause Naturally!

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One of the best ways to treat and prevent dry skin is to eat a hormone-balancing, anti-inflammatory & gut-friendly diet. Exercise and dry brushing are also great habits that can detoxify and make the skin supple! It is also important to manage your stress levels, because some skin conditions are triggered by stress. And don’t forget to hydrate!

The skin is the “window” to our inner health. When we have imbalances inside our body, it is one of the first organs to react! The skin also helps us regulate temperature, absorb nutrients and it serves as our first line of defense against environmental toxins.

However, many women treat the skin like a “minor” body part. Did you know that it is actually the biggest organ in our body? The skin is VITAL because it serves as a barrier between the external environment and the highly regulated bodily systems! But, it is delicate and sensitive. Therefore, we must take care of it and see it as an important defender of our health!

As we age, our skin also feels the passage of time. Our cells begin to shrink. What used to be tight skin becomes loose. And we can’t retain moisture as much as we did when we were younger! These are natural things brought by aging. However, they may lead to dry skin patches if we take our skin health for granted!

The physical changes, like wrinkles — I only see them as beautiful signs of aging. They symbolize a woman’s wisdom that no young person can buy! They are nothing as long as happiness shines through your face!

Now, if you’re experiencing dry skin and other skin discomforts, cheer up! I have lots of helpful tips for you. ?

What Causes Dry Skin in Menopause?

Hormonal change is the main culprit why we get dry skin in menopause. Other causes of dry skin are stress, poor diet and nutrient deficiencies.

Estrogen, progesterone and testosterone make sure that we have healthy skin. Estrogen and testosterone work together to produce skin-protecting proteins — such as collagen and elastin. They also stimulate the natural production of body oils, which moisturize our skin!

However, our body needs to maintain the delicate balance of estrogen and testosterone. Any imbalance in their ratio can cause negative effects — like severe oily skin, acne breakouts and dry skin among others! For this reason, our body needs a “mediator” in the form of progesterone. Progesterone keeps an eye on protein and body oil production!

Hormone changes also inhibit the functions of the thyroid gland. In fact, studies show that an underactive thyroid (hypothyroidism) can cause decreased sweating — which, in turn, leads to dry and coarse skin!

Prolonged skin dryness can lead to other skin problems like irritation, itchiness, rashes and small bumps. A long-lasting dryness can make us more prone to sun damage and age spots! Dry skin also increases our risk of infection. Without natural skin moisture, nothing can trap bacteria and prevent them from entering the body.

Besides hormonal imbalance, stress can also cause dry skin. Too much stress can cause poor blood flow to our skin, especially to our hands and feet.

Despite these factors contributing to dry skin, we can still support our hormones and sluggish body functions! And don’t lose hope! There are many effective ways to relieve dry skin in menopause!

4 Natural Remedies for Dry Skin

Among the natural remedies to treat and prevent dry skin is to eat a hormone-balancing, anti-inflammatory & gut-friendly diet. Exercise and dry brushing are also great habits that can detoxify and make the skin supple! Moreover, when choosing skin care products, it’s best to go for the ones with natural, organic ingredients. And stay hydrated! Sometimes, it isn’t just the skin itself getting dry — your whole body might be dehydrated.

1. How we eat affects everything – including our skin!

I eat the Keto-Green way and it has done wonders for my skin. Well, my skin isn’t exactly the way it was when I was younger, but it’s supple and soft. Love how it looks!

The Keto-green diet happens to be hormone-balancing, anti-inflammatory and gut-friendly too. So, that’s a big bonus!

Below are Keto foods to eat!

  • Fatty fish such as salmon, cod, herring, tuna and halibut.
  • Walnuts, Brazil nuts, flax seeds, sunflower seeds, chia and pumpkin seeds.
  • Bone broth, grass-fed lean meat, organic eggs, shellfish and seafood.
  • Dark leafy greens, cruciferous veggies, legumes, avocado, citrus fruits and berries.

These foods are rich in collagen, a major protein the builds new skin cells and repairs damaged ones. Bone broth, in particular, has very high collagen content. Besides keeping the skin healthy, bone broth also heals our gut and improves bones and joint health.

In a video by Dr. Josh Axe, an expert in natural medicine and clinical nutrition, he says that beef bones contain type 1 and type 3 collagen — which nourishes the skin and nails too!

On the other hand, chicken bones contain type 2 collagen. It is best for the health of the gut and the bones! Moreover, fish bones and collagen are both effective for the production of human collagen.

Know more and listen to Dr. Axe in his interesting discussion with Jordan Rubin — co-founder of Ancient Nutrition!

Bone Broth | What is Bone Broth? | Benefits of Bone Broth 

Besides collagen, the foods I mentioned are also rich in healthy fats such as omega-3 and omega-6. These essential fatty acids help produce hormones, stimulate oil production and regenerate the skin! However, we must make sure that our diet includes a balanced amount of omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids to maximize their health benefits.

It’s been found that most people eating a typical Western diet consume too much omega-6 and too little omega-3. High omega-6 can cause inflammation and increase our risk of diseases. On the other hand, low omega-3 can cause dry skin and scalp!

If you eat Keto-green foods, you’ll get plenty of amino acids, calcium, magnesium, zinc and sulfur. These minerals promote hormone balance and encourage new skin cell growth! Veggies and fruits are rich in vitamins A [7 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Miss Vitamin A in Menopause, B, C and E, which are known as potent antioxidants and anti-inflammatory vitamins.

Also, it is important to be aware if you have any food sensitivities or allergies. Personally, when my body reacts to certain foods, allergies always show up on my face! So, I stay away from gluten and sugar. Keeping a food journal can help you keep track of foods that may trigger sensitivities and gut problems!

2. Exercise is important to keep the skin supple and glowing!

Movement keeps our blood circulation working well, but there are other reasons why exercise is so good for the skin!

  • Powers up the lymphatic flow which hastens detoxification.
  • Opens the sweat glands and flushes out toxins.
  • Stimulates proteins to build more new skin cells.

If you like going to the gym or joining different classes, that’s fine. But don’t forget to move around during the day! EVERY MOVEMENT COUNTS. Do jumping jacks, a brisk walk and a quick strength training routine while brewing your coffee! Find something that you enjoy! Get your body moving and you’ll get rid of dry skin!

3. Organic is terrific!

Go organic as much as possible. They have a lot more nutritional value – exactly what your body needs!

Coconut oil, olive oil and sesame oil are some of the best natural moisturizers. Use these oils on all parts of the body (except your eyes), even your delicate areas!

Sharing with you my secret technique when applying oils: Dry brush your entire body first, apply the oil of your choice and then take a lukewarm shower! No need to use soap! You can also use these oils when doing a massage to make your skin soft and for you to feel relaxed!

Dry brushing is mainly done to exfoliate and rejuvenate the skin, giving it that fresher and younger glow! It also helps stimulate the lymphatic system, detoxify the body, enhance blood circulation, boost the immune system, relieve stress and more!

Read my article to discover 7 wise things you should know before going organic! Only a few organic consumers know what “organic” really means. It pays to be wise! ?

7 Wise Things You Should Know Before Going Organic

Alicia Diaz of Banyan Botanicals talks about the benefits of self-massage and how you can do it in this video [6:02]:

How to Do Abhyanga, a Self Massage with Warm Oil!

You can also make your own natural and organic lotion! Use a natural hand cream, like this DIY handmade lotion with frankincense, lavender and peppermint oils by Dr. Josh Axe.

If you buy skin products, stay away from fragrances, alcohol and starches. They wick moisture and dry up your skin fast!

Most skincare products also have harsh chemicals that can irritate the skin and ruin our skin’s pH level. They also contain toxins and hormone-disrupting chemicals

Picking skincare products with natural and organic ingredients is the way to go! We can keep our skin looking vibrant — without compromising our health!

4. The most classic advice for skin health – drink water!

Have at least eight glasses of water daily and avoid soda and any sugary drinks! Proper hydration can go a long way for healthy skin!

Here is a video from the women of Saranghae explaining the difference between dry skin and dehydrated skin! YES, they are different! Interesting, right?

Rapid Aging or Just Dehydration?

Support and keep your body healthy! Eat nutritious food, take vitamins and minerals, drink lots of water, move more, recharge, laugh a lot — and you will effortlessly glow from the inside out!  

Trust me, it’s worth taking care of your skin. After all, you’re going to wear it daily for the rest of your life! ? 

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What’s your experience with dry skin? How did you relieve it? Share your skincare secrets with us!

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How to Treat Dry Skin in Menopause Naturally!

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