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My Menopause Journey has been serving midlife women across the world since 2014. We can’t wait to take you to a wide array of 200+ (and growing) posts that are heavily based on research and first-hand experience!

Our articles cover all the bits and pieces about your menopause transition. We are constantly brewing educational posts, from the most basic to the most detailed topics — and we serve them fresh just for you!

Through the years, we have discovered that many women are confused, clueless, struggling, having relationship challenges, facing health problems or needing emotional support, as they enter this phase of their lives.

I mean, who wouldn’t, right?!

With a multitude of menopause symptoms — ranging from small daily discomforts to serious conditions… In hopes of finding the quickest remedy to relieve how they feel, many women fall into the pit of understating everything as: “Oh, this is just stress”.

When in fact, stress is just one of the many possible factors that contribute to our symptoms!

And that’s the thing!

We were not meant to live in an endless cycle of going for band-aid solutions — where we feel something in our body, treat it, feel another thing and do the same routine over and over again.

Besides, we came from various backgrounds, cultures and eating lifestyles. We also experience different levels of stress every single day. So, there is no such thing as “one thing fits all” regarding our midlife health. EACH ONE OF US IS DIFFERENT!

But here’s one surefire thing that applies to all: GONE ARE THE DAYS THAT MENOPAUSE IS SEEN AS A POINT OF WEAKNESS FOR WOMEN.

You know what the new trend is?

Taking menopause as a time to rediscover yourself!


We treat the body as a whole and not as individual, disconnected parts doing their own businesses. Both the internal (mind, body and spirit) and external (physical and social environment) factors affect how our body functions as a whole!

Even if your menopause journey gets a little murky because of all the possible symptoms, NOTHING can stop you from blooming! If you are equipped with enough understanding, you can navigate the twists and turns of your golden years with strength and confidence.

And that’s what our symbol, the Lotus flower, represents — purity, grace and beauty.

Now, are you ready to live your best life?

Thoughts from the Author

Gita - founder of FAST.EAT.THRIVE!™

Hi there, I am Gita!

Before I tell you my story, I want to tell you the most important thing you have to know about this site:

My Menopause Journey was conceived with you in mind.

And this very moment is your time to take a pause and evaluate yourself at this crossroad. How you choose to maneuver your own journey holds the key to unlock your glorious bloom in midlife!

I used to be in your shoes and my desire for you is to find a safe space. I take it as my duty to provide you with a warm, welcoming room where you can get all the information you need to better understand what’s going on at this phase.

Menopause is a natural event we go through, but the symptoms are preventable! Many factors influence how we feel. I also once needed help — that alone motivated me to create this site: to lay down everything that causes our symptoms, to let you see the finest options you can go for and for you to see what steps to take next!

Personally, I had my ups and downs during perimenopause. I had no idea that my body was bound to experience so many changes. I was anxious, moody, depressed, feeling really blue and lost. On top of that, my blood pressure went up.

As expected, my doctor gave me the tool he had — pills.
Eventually, I caught myself thinking:
Is this the road I want to take? One pill for one symptom? There has to be a better solution!”

A few weeks after that “light bulb moment”, I was compelled to study, research, follow educational podcasts and interviews. I also took courses and got myself a couple of certifications to advance my knowledge. I looked over my entire lifestyle and realized that my daily to-do list was way too long and exhausting. That moment, in 2014, was the time when things got really interesting for me. I realized something that changed not only my menopausal experience but my whole life.

My thoughts, stress levels, amount of rest and what I put in my mouth ALL have a significant impact on my health — and I have to be mindful of them, ALWAYS.

Studying nutrition and trying different diets also showed me that a healthy Keto-Green diet, together with intermittent fasting, is the way to go!

Study after study proved how Keto-Green could fight off numerous health problems and diseases! That made me become a Keto coach — with a mission to let every single midlife woman know the real way to healing!

In many parts of the world, menopause is still perceived as a delicate matter for discussion. Back-to-back research showed that menopause had a negative impact on women, both at work and at home. That is already a sad truth until I learned that these very same women “lose their voices” to speak about how they feel.

Now, I reach out to the voiceless by empowering midlife women with the knowledge I can share.

Years ago, media platforms like TV, radio or newspaper, would not tackle anything related to menopause. It saddened me how many women suffered in silence. There are real explanations behind the way we feel! We are not meant to live a life in misery.

Thankfully, in the past few years, our society has started to be more open. The information and sense of community we get will help not only us women in midlife… IT’S SOMETHING A LOT BIGGER.

We learn to take extra care of ourselves, so we feel better. When we feel better, our partner would understand us more and everything around us also becomes more harmonious. IT’S A WHOLE WIN-WIN SITUATION!

Stacks of things change in our body during the menopause transition. Most of the time, you and your spouse fall short in recognizing these changes. Many marriages end during this period, which is sad when the actual problem is our hormones going bananas for a while!

To sum up, I am here for only one reason:

I want all women to understand what the menopause transition means and how to make the best out of it.

For you to fully grasp this fine time of your life, you must be prepared enough about what can happen in your body and how it can affect your life. If you know your foe, you can make the best moves to triumph over it!

Menopause is literally your time to bloom! Take this time to rediscover yourself.

Don´t look at yourself as a victim — because you are not. Be the master of your own life, beautiful one. There’s nothing to fear about menopausal roadblocks and bumps if you know your way! Head to a moment in your life that you always hoped for. Finally, don’t just sit in the front seat of your life.

Drive it.

Gita ♥

My Courses and Certifications

Diploma Fasting Therapist

Holistic Health Academy/Dr Sanna Ehdin

The Fasting Therapist™ educational program offered at Holistic Health Academy is one of a kind. The program is held by Dr. Sanna Ehdin and covers anatomy, physiology, nutrition, the pre-fasting and food fasting stages, overcoming the challenges of fasting, treatment of parasites, optimal gut health, preparations for fasting, knowledge and protocols for different types of fasting, leading fasting groups, achieving the state of bliss, fixed current rejuvenation and identifying the best fasting type for clients. 

Dr. Sanna holds a Ph.D. in Immunology with 44 years of experience. She focused on biomedical research for 13 years while working with the pharmaceutical industry — and pursued 31 years of studies in self-healing, healthy eating, lifestyle and integrative medicine. 

Dr. Sanna is one of the pioneers who started the Swedish health movement when she published her health classic book: “The Self-Healing Human” (1999). She has published 16 best-selling books to date, with over 1.1 million copies sold in 10 countries. Her most recent publication, “Sanna’s Fasting Book”, is one of her top-sellers.

I am proud to be a part of this growing fasting community! 

The Food Matters Nutrition Certification Program

Food Matters
The Food Matters Nutrition Certification Program is designed to help understand the fundamentals of a holistic approach to health, wellness and nutrition.

The Ketogenic Living 101 Coach Certification

Ketogenic Living
The Ketogenic Living 101 Coach Certification provides both the knowledge and skills to safely and effectively coach clients in adopting a ketogenic lifestyle.

Reframe Nutrition is a practitioner training led by Functional Medicine Nutritionist Andrea Nakayama.

Reframe Nutrition
Reframe Nutrition is a practitioner training led by Functional Medicine Nutritionist Andrea Nakayama. It is the TOP TOOL in Functional Medicine, adapted for diet and lifestyle practitioners.

Our Symbol

Naturally, the Lotus flower grows from muddy soils underwater. It journeys its way up to the surface, greeting sunlight and fresh air with undeniable beauty. The Lotus flower teaches us this powerful lesson:

Even if your menopause journey gets a little murky because of all the symptoms, NOTHING can stop you from blooming! If you are equipped with enough know-how, you can navigate the twists and turns of life with strength and confidence.

The lotus flower represents purity, grace and beauty.

Allow the nature of menopause to show your glow from within!

How We Help

We have served over 200+ (and growing) research-based posts for the community. Our articles mainly talk about bits and pieces of the menopause transition. Our posts also aim to support women in attaining a healthy and enjoyable life as they age.

My Menopause Journey brews educational posts from the most basic to the most detailed topics about menopause — from the different stages, symptoms, healthy eating and lifestyle!

The site is divided into the following categories:

FACTS: Learn general and specific topics about menopause that will serve as your foundation for better understanding!

SYMPTOMS: Be aware of the physical, emotional and mental symptoms of menopause!

HELP & SELF-HELP: Discover the best professional or holistic support and practical self-help techniques!

FAVORITES: Find the most recommended products and reputable resources that provide actual support to midlife women. Experience a thriving menopausal health with the help of our top favorites!

E-BOOKS: Get My Menopause Journey’s very own e-books, with personalized topics to support your unique needs, all the way!

So go ahead, educate yourself and make your own decisions.

Let’s Talk!

Your words mean a lot to me! Testimonials are welcome and will be very much appreciated. They motivate me to produce more materials that provide actual help to you and our fellow women!

You can also write directly to my personal email account If you want more information about topics under my professional areas, please feel free to get in touch. I don’t miss out on a single message!

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Make yourself your priority, beautiful one. Take that decision and be an instrument to inspire others! Let’s all help each other out as one strong and blooming community. ?

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