Paying Attention to “WHY”: A Game-Changer for Weight Loss

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Body image is not the only reason for us to get on a weight loss journey. There’s definitely more to losing weight than just looking good and fitting into your old jeans! Weight loss carries innumerable benefits, and every woman has her own purpose WHY she wants to lose weight. ?

Before kickstarting a weight loss plan, one of the best tips I’ve ever heard is: “Start with asking yourself WHY you want to shed off those extra pounds.” Your WHY is the fuel that will keep you going. It will be your ultimate motivation to stay on the right track if your old habits attempt to reappear!

Paying Attention to “WHY”: A Game-Changing Move for Weight Loss

When you know your WHY, your WHAT will follow smoothly. That means, doing what you need to do becomes easier (and more enjoyable) when you fully understand your real purpose!

And here’s another bonus tip: Focus on the exciting benefits that come with losing weight. Do you want to feel lighter physically and emotionally? Are you eager to be in high spirits and live a life free of health problems? Do you wish to have more energy to do what you love?

Makes more sense, doesn’t it? Now, you already got yourself some life-changing tips, beautiful one — and we haven’t even started yet! Are you ready to be inspired? Learn some insights and keep them with you before you go aboard the weight loss ship! ?

We All Carry Weight Differently

Cultural differences, ethnicity, various body types… These factors are the different numerators to one denominator: We are all uniquely different — and so is the way we carry our weight!

In general, postmenopausal women gain more weight in the abdomen due to hormonal changes. Some women in perimenopause gain weight as well when their progesterone levels decline. So, no matter what stage you’re in, don’t beat yourself up while comparing yourself to your teenage physique! Not to say that it’s impossible… because you can totally attain that body again! But please, make sure you’re handling yourself gently. ?

Want to have a clearer picture of how we carry weight differently? Check out this video from “Blogilates”! This video is a thought-provoking social experiment involving women with different body types and weight. Watch until the end and I swear, you would gain tons of realizations from this 14-minute video! ?

Women try guessing each other’s weight | A social experiment – YouTube

Here’s another interesting fact — the difference between how men and women see weight loss.

Dr. Susan Kashubeck-West, a Counsellor and Psychologist at the University of Missouri-St. Louis said:

“How we [women] feel about our bodies is complex and we need to understand that it isn’t just [about] gender… The vast majority of women want to lose weight and it can appear that men are generally happier with their weight. But if you only compare men and women who want to lose weight, many gender differences disappear! So, we need to focus on the impact of wanting to lose weight.” ?

Powerful, isn’t it? Sure, there’s pressure in our society to look a certain way. But that doesn’t really matter if we care more about our real purpose. We would all be better off if we pay less attention to how we look and focus on treating our bodies well!

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Purpose and Motivation: What Fuels You to Keep Going?

I have been thinking about this myself when I started my own quest to weight loss. My main reasons were to look fit, prevent physical injuries or conditions and stay strong. I mean, there’s a lot of reasons why we should take care of our body — and anchoring our path into those reasons will help us approach our journey the right way!

Let’s put things into context with a little hint of science, shall we? ?

A treatment involving overweight and obese volunteers saw that the main reasons for wanting to lose weight fell into three categories:

  • 50% of the participants: Health
    These participants were happier with their appearance than people citing mood or appearance reasons.
  • 35% of the participants: Appearance
    These participants had poorer self-image and self-esteem, had a greater preoccupation with being overweight and attempted to diet more often than people citing appearance or health.
  • 15% of the participants: Mood

You see, the primary reason for overweight people seeking weight loss may reflect their emotional or social differences. Identifying your reasons and motives for weight loss is vital in tailoring the dietary, physical, mental and moral support you need!

Let me ask, do you have a clear understanding of the benefits that go with your decision?

Sometimes, we’re all too caught up with simply “wanting” to lose weight because something (or someone) urged us to do so. We focus on getting our A-game on ASAP, to see the results we want ASAP and feel good about ourselves ASAP. You know, it’s all “external motivation” playing around the corner, right?

By doing that, we are missing the most crucial part of the plan: The part where we envision and ponder upon the actual benefits we want to see and embrace. Sweetie, this is not a race and more importantly, weight loss is way more than just getting people’s approval.

Whether you’re curvy, fat, tall, petite, long-haired, curly, dark-skinned or whatever, people will always have something to say. So, why not cling to your own self-generated motivation instead and make yourself your priority? ?

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What are the Most “Reasonable Reasons” for Weight Loss?

Well, of course, I am in no position to say if a particular reason is reasonable or not. You are the author of your own story and only you can craft the best “why”, “what” and “how” for your weight loss journey! While many women had it easy identifying their “why”, many also struggled to identify their purpose. Get a good dose of motivation from these stories!

#1: “The Power of Two!”

One woman said she had hypothyroidism — a condition that caused her weight gain. She followed her doctor’s prescription and at the same time, she took chances with the power of natural remedies!

”I took meds and also learned that I can do some diet and lifestyle changes to support my recovery. I started getting rid of dairy and gluten, reduced my carb intake, detoxified daily, managed my stress levels and became more consistent with my exercise routines. After a few months, my test results were better. My doctor also found a lot of improvements! You know what the best part is? I am now 22 pounds lighter than how I weighed the day I visited my doctor!”

#2: “A Sweet Goodbye to Sickness!”

Extra weight is pretty much like “making our own trap” of getting diseases, doesn’t it? Well, this is particularly true for a corporate woman who had a moment of enlightenment in her hospital bed. She was overweight, insulin resistant and had spiking blood pressure and unhealthy cholesterol levels.

“Nothing tastes sweeter than optimal health. All the money I have is nothing when it will only be devoured by hospital bills. Indeed, my health is my greatest wealth.”

#3: “Let’s Be Honest!”

Many women who desire to lose weight are caught in the trap of society’s pressure. But to some, losing weight means living every single day with a fulfilling sense of self-confidence.

“I wanted to slim down because it’s way easier to dress up in the morning. You know, it usually takes me about 8 clothes until I find one that makes me look good and feel good! I’m not even doing it for anyone else — well, if I don’t count my sweet and sexy husband, haha! But kidding aside, I just really feel so light and confident when I dress up, stay fit and look beautiful.”

#4: “Standard Seats Stay Winning!”

One woman looked back on her first-ever family day out in an amusement park. She said, “I was eager to try every ride that I saw, but I wasn’t so sure if I was going to fit. It was sad, I wanted to be in the moment with my family, but to save myself from embarrassment, I decided not to try a single ride. I simply told my husband I was scared.

But, that very sad moment was also my clarity. I realized that I should never deprive myself of all the fun and excitement that life can offer. So, I committed to a weight loss plan. Special thanks to my ever-supportive family and my best friend who became my fitness buddy. Now, the family picture is complete because I don’t miss out on any ride whenever we go to the park!”

#5: “Weight and Emotions are Twins!”

Women over 40 experience weight problems, primarily because of the hormones and neurotransmitters that affect our body. But there seems to be another factor behind women’s weight struggles. One woman revealed how she figured her sudden weight fluctuations as she entered menopause:

“My weight reflected how much emotional baggage I carried. When I was about 115 to 120 pounds, which is my healthy weight, I had manageable emotions at work and at home. But during the time when I had my divorce, that number went over 130 — those are the days that I was filled with so much sadness, guilt, self-doubt and anger inside me.”

#6: “Work Hard, Exercise Harder!”

A writer said she struggled with her weight because she only works at her desk all day long. She started eating healthier food choices and observed better time management where she can slip in some short “movement breaks” out of her computer table.

“I realized that I had to reduce the number on my scale on the day that I was writing about my Siberian Huskies. They are super active and strong, and I had a hard time keeping up! It was frustrating back then, but now, I can walk the two big dogs outside while breaking a good sweat!”

#7: [Write Your Story Here]

Now that you’ve seen the ups and downs of other women’s experiences, harness the power that grows inside you the moment you find your purpose. You’ll be amazed at what happens to your mind and body, when you change the way you look at weight loss. Craft your “WHY” and start your own story, lovely one! Be inspired to be an inspiration. ?


Siddartha Gautama Buddha once said: “The secret of health for both mind and body is not to mourn for the past, not to worry about the future or not to anticipate troubles, but to live the present moment wisely and earnestly.”

It’s easy for people around us to assume that losing weight and looking fabulous are the only reasons behind a woman’s decision to live healthily. Strong lady, you create your own hand-woven story! Dedicate your time and energy to a purpose that will fulfill you every single day. Being your own motivation turns weight loss into a precious pursuit that no one can ever take away from you. Don’t compare yourself to others because we are all unique in our own ways! Now, let me ask… WHY do you want to lose weight? ?


Paying Attention to “WHY”: A Game-Changing Move for Weight Loss!
Paying Attention to “WHY”: A Game-Changer for Weight Loss!

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