Acid and Alkaline

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Many people don’t realize that the body’s pH level plays an important role in our health status and physical stamina. Additionally, many people don’t know what body pH means, where our body’s pH level should be, and why we should maintain this balance in our body.

As an introduction to this very significant discussion, let us begin by analyzing what pH means. pH is the body’s level of alkalinity and acidity. We can assume that the body has an acidic level if it falls within 0-7 and an alkaline (base) level if it falls between 7-14. Based upon health experts’ combined wisdom, the human body is at its best when our pH level is around 7.2 pH. Therefore, a healthy body’s natural condition is basic, and we should maintain a basic diet. However, in our world, which readily offers easy sources of unhealthy food, we frequently forget to balance our system. Worse, we don’t even know how to achieve this balance and its significance to our overall wellness.

Why No to Acid-Forming Diet

  • Root of Chronic Diseases
    Today, most people consume a diet that is acidic and lacks necessary alkaline minerals such as potassium, magnesium and calcium. These minerals are necessary to sustain a healthy and balanced body. This is also the reason why many people with an overly acidic pH balance are prone to disease. Many studies suggest that acidosis (an overly acidic body) can cause harmful bacteria, yeast, viruses and fungi to take over the body and lead to certain diseases, including diabetes, cancer and chronic fatigue syndrome.
  • Robs Nutrients and Energy Source
    In an acid-forming diet, foods we eat are not properly digested. Therefore, we don’t acquire the proper amounts of nutrients and fuel needed to strengthen our immune system and provide our body with sufficient energy resources. That’s why people who have an acidic diet are usually sluggish and suffer from chronic fatigue.
  • Degenerates Cells
    Our body is basic in nature, so when we adopt an acidic diet, our body will leach the alkaline reserves in bone and tissue to provide for its needs. Once basic blood becomes acidic, it will leach calcium in the bone to maintain its balance, resulting in osteoporosis and other bone problems.
  • Acids Turn Into Body Poison
    The excess acid that our body doesn’t need will eventually turn into poison in the form of uric acid crystals. These uric crystals will be deposited in joints and tissue, leading to the initiation of painful and annoying diseases, such as arthritis and bursitis.

Why Yes to Alkaline-Forming Diet

  • Suites Our Body’s Needs
    An alkaline diet supports our blood’s pH balance and, as a result, maintains optimum tissue health. It may also help us to avoid sickness and disease by strengthening our immune system. The alkaline diet helps us acquire adequate nutrients from the foods we eat, which results in improved endurance and energy.
  • Regenerates Cells
    An alkaline-dominant diet provides more oxygen for the blood and tissues, which helps to regenerate cells. The oxygen in our body is vital to our cell’s rapid repair and regeneration from harmful substances we cannot avoid.
  • Increases the “Fountain of Youth” Hormone
    In addition to an alkaline diet’s ability to flush harmful toxins from our body, such a diet also increases the growth hormone that enhances libido and helps shed excess fat faster and easier.

Your Way to Alkaline

  • Boost with Veggies and Fruits
    Most greens, vegetables and fruits are alkaline in nature, although some fruits – such as pomegranate, raspberries and pineapples – should be avoided. Consume unsalted nuts, healthy oils and organic salads instead of processed snacks. Almost all veggies are alkaline, except for the pickled and frozen varieties. If you are too busy to prepare food, make it a habit to juice your favorite vegetables. Vegetable juice is easy to consume, plus all the nutrients are more easily absorbed. It’s a great way to support an alkaline!
  • Skip the Grains
    Most grains fall into the acidic range. So, no matter how alluring that tasty burrito, crunchy tortilla, steamed rice or soft, warm bread might be, turn away from these temptations. Practice self-control and find delight from the freshest fruits and vegetables available.
  • Pass on the Condiments
    Whether it’s ketchup, mayonnaise or mustard, almost all condiments are highly acidic. It’s time to clear them from your table and enjoy your food just as it is. You’ll be amazed to discover that almost all healthy food choices are actually just as tasty without condiments.
  • Turn Water Alkaline
    Alkaline water
    Impure water can weaken the immune system through myriad unknown impurities often found in unreliable public water systems. Tap water contains chlorine, antibiotics and hormones, which may disrupt the balance of our body. This water might also be acidic, which could lead to health complications. Fortunately, ensuring your water’s alkaline status is not as difficult as a 3rd grade science experiment. All you need is a pitcher of water, 1 organic lemon juice, and 1 teaspoon of Himalayan salt (while optional, salt has great health effects, as it mineralizes your water). Just add all ingredients, let them sit overnight at room temperature, and voila! You now have a pitcher of goodness. However, if you want to avoid the hassle of juicing lemons or you can’t find the necessary ingredients, one great product can turn your water alkaline, whatever the circumstances. Purchase this alkaline water wand, which is perfect for travel, when hitting the gym. or while at the office.
  • Your Favorite Foes, Liquor and Coffee
    Aside from a blurry, sluggish night and a tiny kick of adrenaline, there are no other benefits from the consumption of liquor and coffee. It’s time to eliminate these highly acidic beverages, as well as your favorite black tea and sweetened juice. They, too, are inflated with acid and are among the leading contributors to acid in the diet.

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Test Your pH

Test you pH at home

By now, this alkaline diet may have piqued your interest, but we’re not advocating that you rush into it. Every change in one’s diet should include a transition phase. You can gradually shift to an alkaline diet by aiming for a 70:30 ratio of acid to alkaline in the foods you eat. Deep breathing and drinking lots of water to rehydrate your body more frequently than usual can also brighten your path toward alkalinity.

To determine if the alkaline diet you’re seeking to pursue is not merely a myth or one more fad, test it yourself. You can test your body’s pH level by buying pH strips at the nearest drugstore or through certain online retailers.

Test your body’s pH throughout the day to see if you’re on the right track. Experts recommend testing your urine in the morning twice, as the first test is usually more acidic. The goal is to have a morning pH level between 6.5-7.5.

You can also test your pH using your saliva. To ensure accurate results, wait at least two hours after eating. Prepare your saliva by swallowing twice (to make sure your saliva is clean) and then applying saliva to the test strips. Wait for a few seconds to observe the results.

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