Damiana Herb and Its Benefits for Health

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The use of Damiana in the medicinal world is gradually expanding. Before, it was just an ingredient in traditional Mexican liquor (initially included in triple sec Margarita), now experts have seen Damiana’s potential significant uses as a treatment for several illnesses and discomforts like menopausal symptoms.

What is Damiana?

With a scientific name Turnera diffusa, Damiana is a type of shrub found in Texas, parts of Central America like Mexico, Southern America and the Caribbean. It bears small, aromatic flowers that bloom in early or late summer. The shrub has a strong and spice-like scent similar to chamomile due to the leaves’ essential oils. Damiana’s leaves and stems contain the active ingredients used for its medicinal purpose. These plant parts could be freshly used but are usually dried and turned into tinctures or sometimes smoked.

Traditionally, native people of Central and Southern America use Damiana’s leaves as incense for relaxation. They also make Damiana tea from its leaves as an aphrodisiac still practiced by some until today.

Damiana For Libido Boost

Even the Aztecs and Mayans knew the benefits of Damiana and used its leaves as an aphrodisiac. Damiana boosts libido by increasing the blood flow in sexual organs, therefore improving stimulation and sensitivity during intercourse. It also helps improve one’s sexual performance by providing more energy and an uplifting mood. It relieves anxiety, depression, and nervousness, which are vital to enhancing sexual wellness. Damiana restores the ability to reach orgasm by amplifying lust and desire.

Damiana in Menopause

Damiana also helps in easing several menopausal symptoms by balancing the women’s hormone level. It alleviates symptoms like vaginal dryness, hot flashes, urinary incontinence, anxiety, depression and boosts sexual drive.

Other Uses of Damiana

Damiana has a wide range of therapeutic uses in different illnesses. As an anti-depressant and anti-anxiety, it has a natural calming effect due to its nervous system tonic property. It boosts the overall mood that results in a general feeling of well-being.

Due to its oxygenating property, Damiana reduces the feeling of exhaustion, boosts energy and leads to holistic relaxation.

Damiana is also considered an antiseptic that could treat the bladder’s urinary tract infections and urethral inflammation (a passageway of urine).

Herb of Damiana is also known as a laxative that could help ease by relaxing the gastrointestinal muscles.

Traditionally, Damiana is used to treat bronchitis and asthma.

Damiana also has potential uses for people who are having problems with testosterone levels. It helps in impotence by increasing the organ’s sensitivity and could even increase men’s sperm count.

Side Effects of Damiana

The regular and moderate use of Damiana has been shown to be safe. However, its long-term effects are not studied. This herb has possible abortive properties; therefore, pregnant women should not use it. It’s also not suggested for children since its safety for young users is not certified.

Damiana also has hypoglycemic properties (lowers blood sugar), so extra caution before giving this plant to people with complications in blood sugar. It may also interfere with iron absorption.

For safety, suggestions say that you should ask your physician before taking any products of Damiana.

Buying Damiana Supplements

Supplements of Damiana are available in the market as individual Damiana leaves or sometimes incorporated with other herbs, minerals and vitamins. Experts agree that it is better to buy those incorporated with some other active ingredients because of these reasons:

  • Most organic supplements work more effectively together with other ingredients. For instance, the Damiana leaf increases its efficiency to boost libido in addition to licorice and puama.
  • Additional supplements could help treat more symptoms. For example, added black cohosh could help balance hormones and, therefore, eliminate more menopausal symptoms.

Before purchasing Damiana supplements, be sure to check the label. Highly accredited companies should produce them, they should include only the purest substances and the labels must give information about dosage, strength and ingredients.

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