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Free Exercise Channels for Fitness and HealthIf you haven’t found any exercise routine to stick to or you want to try something new and challenging, you can check out our tips below. According to studies, exercise is a great way to help address our menopause symptoms. In fact, one study emphasizes that physical exercise ensures healthy aging and good menopausal transition in midlife women! When we talk about exercise, it’s easy to relate it to going to the gym, but you don’t always have to. It’s because you can easily work out at home, with the help of free exercise channels on YouTube!

YouTube is one of the best places to go for free content, especially about workout routines. The good thing about using YouTube videos for your workout guide is that they give you written instructions and images and show how the routines are actually done. Another thing is that experienced fitness instructors provide them. So you can be assured that the routine you will follow are well-studied and practiced.

Free Exercise Channels You May Like

There are a lot of different channels you can check out online. But you also have to consider that not all types of exercise will fit everybody’s needs. So, here are some free fitness channels that may interest you.

Fitness Blender

The Fitness Blender workout channel on YouTube is designed to provide gimmick-free fitness resources for people! No matter your goals or workout levels, the channel will have at least something to help you out! Check this video and learn more about the Fitness Blender channel. (1 minute)

This channel is run together by married couple Daniel and Kelli Segars, showcasing more than 25 years of combined health and fitness experience. They have over 700 workout videos you can access online for free! You can find exercise programs for any difficulty levels, with or without equipment, and various types of workout routines. And, they provide a positive and helpful community for fitness training.

Here are some of our favorite programs by Fitness Blender:

  • Feel Good Stretching Workout (15 minutes) – this routine doesn’t need any equipment. Just grab your mat, and you’re ready to perform a low-impact, pilates and yoga-inspired routine. This routine will help you feel good! It is also best for warming, cooling down and stretching for flexibility improvement.
  • Easy Stretches to Do at Work (6 minutes) – This quick stretching workout is designed to help you ease muscle tension. It is a relaxing workout for stiff muscles and stress relief. You can do this simply in a standing position and without the use of any equipment. So, this routine can be done even if you are in your working clothes and your office cubicle!
  • Total Body Toning and Functional Strength Training Exercises (32.15 minutes) – This routine has 8 different exercises for strength training. There is no need for workout equipment, so you can do this easily at home. This is a full-body toning routine, so it is good for at least a day’s worth of exercise.

Whenever you exercise, don´t be afraid to try routines other than what you normally do. You can include strength training, HIIT and cardio movements with your workout! If you rather have a program to follow, Fitness Blender may be able to help you out. They have 2-, 4- or 8-week programs for different purposes.

You can visit the FitnessBlender Channel HERE for more of their videos. You may also want to visit their website at

Free Channels for Yoga

Aside from basic exercise routines, we love yoga too! Yoga does not only help you stretch and move around. It also helps calm your mind. If you struggle with anxiety and depression, doing some simple yoga may help you relax your body and calm your mind.

One of our favorite yogis on YouTube is Adriene Mishier of Yoga with Adriene. We love her 30-Day Yoga camp, which she provides for free! Below is the orientation video for her Yoga Camp, and the rest of the daily yoga videos will follow on the playlist. Check this out. You can also read and learn more about the YOGA CAMP here.

Here are some free exercise channels for yoga that may interest you as well:

Flipping 50 – All Ages Fitness

Who would forget, The Voice for Fitness founder, Debra Atkinson? We love her and her workout videos too. Her exercise videos are also very simple and doable. They are especially designed to help women over the age 50! With her videos, you can rediscover and redefine “having fun” and learn how to take it seriously at any age! Get to know more about Flipping 50 and how Debra Atkinson can help you with All Ages Fitness free exercise routines on YouTube! Watch this video. (2 minutes)

Here are some of our favorite videos from her channel:

  1. Flipping 50’s 10-minute Full Body Workout
  2. Flipping 50’s 5-minute Core Workout
  3. Foam Rolling After 50 for Better Fitness Results

Debra Atkinson is the host of the podcast, Well U After 50. She also has a lot of videos about using a foam roller. Read our article about Foam Rolling and see how it can help you with staying fit, especially in our age.

Other Free Exercise Channels You May Like

  1. POP Sugar Fitness – enjoy fresh fitness tutorials, workouts and exercises that will help you on your road to healthy living, weight loss, and stress relief.
  2. Be Fit – a channel that provides high quality exercise routines that help you re-shape your body, burn fat and sculpt lean muscle as you work out with top fitness trainers.
  3. Body Fit by Amy – get completely free workouts for a happier and healthier you!
  4. eFit30 – Find pilates, yoga and total body workout videos that you can access anywhere, 24/7!
  5. GymRa – From cardio to strength training to yoga, GymRa has it! Find series of workouts that will not only help you shed extra fat and build lean muscle. The routines will also tone you up from head to toe while you develop core strength and flexibility!

A few words…

We hope you got some inspiration from the links to the free exercise channels above. Try to find time for exercise a few times every week too. This will really help you with all your symptoms in Menopause. It will also help you feel good in many ways. Top your workout sessions with a simple walk outside and you’ll have a really good healthy routine already! So, are you excited to see a better version of yourself? Practice a better workout habit starting today!

Do more workout routines at home. Visit the free exercise channels we shared above. They’re all free. You don’t have to pay anything to access the videos.

Bookmark this post so you can easily find it whenever you want to try new routines!

Did we miss some other free exercise channels? Please share them with us in the comment box below. We check all channels before adding them to the list, so ensure they are free and good for you!

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Have a happy journey!

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