Bone Broth: Your Ultimate Immune Support in Midlife

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All this time, we forgot about how fascinating bone-in meat could benefit the body. Who would’ve thought that one of our ancestors’ secrets to a longer life was their love for bone broth? Luckily, light has shone again on bone broth — after many generations almost missed these tasty, healthy soups!

Bone broth is one of the most nutritious, mineral-dense foods that we could add to our diet. It could also be the key to prevent some health problems! Aside from being a cheap source of protein and nutrients, bone broth is an inexpensive way for nourishment. ?

Bone Broth: Your Ultimate Immune Support in Midlife


Unlike those factory-made, MSG-filled, artificially flavored cubes in the market, real bone broth contains numerous nutrients that could be your body’s best friend! Bone broth is a good source of gelatin, which is a real health-booster. This precious gelatin is released by slowly boiling the bones or your desired cartilage!

It is a “hydrophilic protein” — which attracts water and juices that aid in improving digestion. Glucosamine, chondroitin sulfate and hyaluronic acid, the strongest fighters against arthritis and other joint ailments, are also found in bone broth! ?


Bones’ Best friend

Calcium and phosphorus are some of the minerals released as you cook down bone broth. And we know that these substances are beneficial for rebuilding our bones! Minerals like Silicon, Sulfur and Magnesium are also found in these magnificent broths, which are vital to building new bones! Furthermore, these minerals greatly help people who are suffering from chronic bone illnesses like osteoporosis.

Replenishes Connective Tissues

The nutrients found in bone broth build and replenish our connective tissues! Connective tissues hold many vital functions in the body, including nutrient transport, immune defense and mechanical support!

Optimizes the Digestive Tract Function

Many studies support the idea that bone broth could heal the digestive tract. Not only that it could aid in better digestion, but it could as well help us regain strength faster when we’re recovering from illnesses! The gelatin from bone broth could also heal the digestive tract’s wounds, from diseases like Crohn’s Disease or Ulcerative Colitis. Furthermore, a healthy digestive tract results in better absorption of nutrients such as protein. Better absorption of nutrition always leads to better health!

Brain Food

A hormone called “osteocalcin” is produced in the bones. This hormone helps in the improvement of brain function, by stabilizing mood and enhancing memory. Additionally, our brain is made up of fats! Therefore, the good fats found in bone broth are a great help for the health of our nervous system!

Improves Skin, Hair and Nails

Many women in menopause face problems such as thinning and drying of hair, skin and nails. Bone broth’s gelatin could strengthen the hair and nails. It also makes the skin supple just like the teen days!

Keeps Blood Cells Healthy

Blood is formed in the bone marrow. It contains stem cells that are necessary for the production of healthy red blood cells. By consuming bone broth, you get the substances needed to produce new red and white blood cells. Gelatin from bone broth is used to generate new cells to treat anemia!

Detoxifies the Body

Broth is an added help when cleansing and fasting. It heals the digestive tract — unlike raw vegetables and juices that are more difficult to break down for a damaged tract! However, the quality of broth may also affect the quality of detoxification. So, if your main goal is to detoxify, choose bones and ingredients from organic sources, such as grass-fed animals!

Balances the Endocrine System

As mentioned, osteocalcin acts as a hormone that regulates the function of glands. Osteocalcin is also important in helping the pancreas produce more insulin! It also improves mood and promotes more production of testosterone. Additionally, the gelatin released in bone broth stabilizes estrogen production that is beneficial to the health of both men and women!

Enhances the Immune System

Most of us know that white blood cells are responsible for our immunity against harmful diseases. Though white blood cells are broken down while cooking bone broth, some of their components still remain — helping regenerate new cells!

Improves Mood

One of menopausal women’s concerns is their unstable emotions and mood changes. As said above, osteocalcin regulates several gland functions! Because of that, it can stabilize the mood by calming your mind and eliminating anxiety!


There are various kinds of Bone broths that contain collagen. This in turn, helps the body in so many ways! In a video by Dr. Josh Axe, an expert in natural medicine and clinical nutrition, he has mentioned that Beef bones contain type 1 and type 3 collagen — which mainly nourishes the nails and the skin! On the other hand, Chicken bones,contain type 2 collagen. It is best for the health of the gut and the bones! Fish bones and collagen are both effective in helping with the production of human collagen in the body.

Know more and listen to Dr. Axe in his interesting discussion with Jordan Rubin — co-founder of Ancient Nutrition! [Bone Broth | What is Bone Broth? | Benefits of Bone Broth] [9:54]


In making your very own bone broth, it is suggested to choose parts that are mostly ligaments. This is where most of the nutrients are released!

Using a crock-pot is the best option. Yup, it may be a “slow cooker”, but really, this countertop is a quick and easy way to make your bone broth! It also uses less electricity, making it energy-efficient, PLUS you can do some extra work while it’s on! Crock-pot doesn’t require much of your attention to watch or stir. Awesome, right?!

Here’s a recipe by Dr. Josh Axe using beef bones with marrow to make the broth! [How to Make Beef Bone Broth] [00:51]

Here’s another homemade bone broth recipe that you can make from Keto Connect! In this video, you will also learn practical ways to operate an instant pot. ? [How to Make Bone Broth + Keto Bone Broth Recipe] [9:16]


If you don’t have enough time to make your own bone broth, there are packed bone broths available in the market today! Make sure to carefully read the labels and look for organic types and made from grass-fed ingredients. Also, it would be good to look for a seller that ships frozen broth!

In this video, Ali and Becki discuss how to pick the best bone broth in stores! They will also give three more recipe ideas to make your bone broth! Ali and Becki are registered dietitians using functional approaches to health. Check it out! [Is Store Bought Bone Broth Legit?! & 3 Tasty Recipes for Sipping Bone Broth]


Whether it’s for your gut health, immunity, maintaining healthy bones, pain-free joints, glowing skin or whatever reason you may have, bone broth is definitely worth keeping in your kitchen! It gets the approval of many nutritionists, dietitians and experts who strongly believe in the “food as medicine” philosophy. Need I say more?

Bone broth is bursting with flavor and health benefits AND it’s such a delicious way to get healthy! Start including it in your daily diet and you’ll find a midlife best friend. ?



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