Moringa Benefits for Health and Menopause

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Have you heard of Moringa? It’s not just your ordinary leafy green, but it’s considered a superfood! It bears the scientific name Moringa oleifera. It belongs to the array of greens that provides healthy nourishment to the body. All parts of the Moringa Tree can be used, why it is also called the Miracle Tree. One of its benefits is the fact that it can improve health. It is also good for women in menopause. Read further through the post to know more about this superfood.


You should know that Moringa is packed with nutrients! A hundred grams of Moringa powder can go a long way! With every 100 grams of dried Moringa leaf, you get:

  • 6.7 mg of Vitamin A and 220 mg of Vitamin C. The recommended daily requirement for Vitamin A is 3 mg. Adults need from 75 mg to 500 mg daily of vitamin C.
  • 440 mg of Calcium (RDA is 1,000 mg) and 260 mg of Potassium (RDA is 3,500 mg)
  • 6.7 g of protein, which is twice the amount of protein from cow’s milk!

Aside from being an all-in-one source for nutrients, here are some ways the Moringa miracle superfood is good for your health:

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Natural Skin and Hair Care Secret!

Moringa’s Vitamin A and Zinc contents help protect and improve the health of the skin and hair. Both of these nutrients promote the growth of the hair. They both nourish the scalp, strengthens the hair and keep the hair and scalp from drying. Dandruff and split ends are also prevented with the help of the nutrition from this superfood. The fact that this superfood is packed with antioxidants, helps keep the radiance of your skin! Its antioxidants keep the natural elasticity of the skin, which prevents wrinkles or skin lines from forming. Here’s the secret, packed with nutrients, Moringa is the powerhouse of youth!

Organic Detoxifier

The antioxidants found in this superfood helps the body to excrete free radicals. Several studies have come up with a positive result on Moringa as an excellent anti-cancer agent. One study has suggested that this superfood can help prevent cancer. Another study also found out that Moringa can be considered as a preventive agent for cancer.

Good for the Stomach

If you are frequently having constipation, ingesting this superfood could help you loosen up your stomach! This is because of the high fiber content. Aside from that, this superfood is a source of natural antacids. This helps in preventing ulcers in your stomach. It also contains antibacterial properties that prevent possible diarrhea from common harmful gut bacteria. It can bring your sexier days back, too! The fiber from Moringa is an excellent thing to help you improve your metabolism.

Energy Booster and Pain Reliever

This superfood has an anti-inflammatory property. It may help relieve body aches and joint pain. It is also known to help heal wounds faster. If you have bruises, burns or small Cuts, the superfood has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties to help with healing. With all the kinds o nutrients packed in this superfood, it actually helps improve the immune system, which in turn boosts your energy!

For Menopause

Moringa contains Vitamin D and Calcium that help with the strengthening of the bones and prevention of osteoporosis. Moringa is also known to be a good agent to reduce anxiety and depression. It helps in regulating your mood and fighting off fatigue. A study came up with the result that the plants extract helps in keeping the thyroid healthy as well.


The seeds from its fruit are used to produce Ben Oil. The oils are commonly used in the cosmetic industry for perfumes, shampoos, soaps and many more. They are also used as ingredients in aromatherapy oils. If you want to relax with aromatherapy, you can use products with Moringa in them. The seeds are known to be active cleaning agents. This is one of the reasons why they are used in lotions and cleansing creams. They help protect the skin from environmental pollution. Also, the seeds are found to be cleaning agents for water as well. Studies are being conducted to see if it can be used effectively as an agent for proper water treatment.

Another thing that makes this greed superfood good is that there are no reported side effects of its consumption. It can be safe to ingest if the superfood was taken as a supplement or ingested as it is. Children and adults can safely take Moringa in its most natural form. However, caution is given to pregnant women regarding choosing the tree’s bark and roots as they are reported to have abortive properties.


In tropical regions where Moringa is grown, the leaves can be added to different kinds of dishes to make them more delicious.

Make Your Own Moringa Powder!

If you have access to a tree, it is easy to make your powder; more fresh and nutritious! Just take a teaspoon of the powder, and add it to water or your favorite smoothies or juices. You can also use the powder as a baking ingredient! A lot of food products today contain chopped, or ground Moringa leaves to add nutrition.



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