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If you are on the road to your menopause journey, there is a high probability that you are already having symptoms like night sweats, anxiety, constipation and other related problems. And when you have them, all want to do is find a way to manage them.

Surely, you would prefer to fins one treatment method that could fix the problems altogether. The good news is, there is one superfood that can take care of several menopause symptoms. Check out how Chlorella can help you with managing different symptoms of menopause.

What is Chlorella?

Chlorella belongs to the algae family, which houses a good amount of chlorophyll. It is a very tiny organism that can only be under a microscope. The natural habitat of these algae is fresh water. They can grow in large quantities. There are times when their number grows very large, they make the river look green as they are in the water.

Sometimes, it can be called as the Bulgarian Green Algae, Green Alga, or the freshwater seaweed. It is known to have good medicinal properties. In fact, it is used as an ingredient in supplements or it is made as a supplement on its own, without any other items combined.

How Chlorella works

Chlorella is known to be an excellent source of vitamins and minerals. These vitamins and minerals give a boost to the immune system of the body. It is also a healthy source of protein, fiber, and carbohydrates. These nutrients help in keeping the body healthy and energetic. In fact, chlorella has the most potent protein amount around the world.

Chlorella contains high amounts of chlorophyll, the natural color that the tiny plant gets. When chlorophyll enters the body of whoever takes it, it helps in cleansing the blood, allowing for better blood circulation and optimal oxygenation.

Other Uses of Chlorella

Chlorella is said to have excellent amounts of nucleic acids. The nucleic acids in our bodies like the Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) and the Ribonucleic acid (RNA) are essential parts of the body, especially when it comes to controlling the functions of the genes.

Chlorella has many more benefits than you can expect it to have. Knowing that it is such a tiny plant that can be barely seen, you would not think of it as something that is so powerful in terms of its positive effects to the body. Chlorella can help in detoxifying the body, especially from Arsenic poison.

Side Effects of Chlorella

Chlorella could cause allergies to people who are hypersensitive to algae. When taken by hypersensitive individuals, they may suffer from asthma, difficulty of breathing and other related allergic responses. Also, it may cause the skin’s hypersensitivity to the sunlight. If you are taking chlorella supplements, it may be good to used sunblock when you expect to be under the sun for the whole day.

When taking Chlorella pills or powder, it is best to start with a lower dose to avoid stomach irritation. Also, it is best not to give it to pregnant women, and those who are lactating or nursing babies.

Buying Chlorella Supplements

Since the algae can’t be readily seen by the naked eyes, there is only a few known information about the domestic growth of chlorella in households. However, there are companies that grow them in huge pools under the heat of the sun. These cultivated chlorella algae are often used as supplements. The good thing with these supplements is that you can buy them in your local stores or you can easily look for them over the internet.

When purchasing Chlorella Supplements, look into the label and check for broken cell chlorella. There are broken cell and unbroken cell forms of chlorella. Although they can be both effective, the broken cell version of the supplements allows for faster and easier absorption of nutrients in the body. The cell wall of the Chlorella is quite hard to digest, making the absorption ineffective. If you choose a broken cell chlorella there is no outer cell wall that needs to be digested first. This means that there is direct absorption of nutrients in the body after intake. Get more information about the efficiency of chlorella here.

Special Tip!

When taking Chlorella pills or powder, it is best to start with a lower dose to avoid stomach irritation. Also, it is best not to give it to pregnant women, and those who are lactating or nursing babies.


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