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I guess you’ve already heard about hemp several times already. What information have you known about it? Is it good or bad? Most of you may have heard about its bad effects, but did you know that it is highly beneficial in many ways? In fact, it is considered a superfood! Learn more about it and how it can help you improve your health, especially during menopause.

What is Hemp?

There are a lot of debates about the safety of hemp or cannabis for human consumption. This is because it is highly associated with the “Marijuana” herb which is also known as a member of the cannabis family. In fact, according to the controlled substances act of the United States, it is illegal to grow this plant in the US region. However, to many different parts of the world, this superfood is a beneficial plant that plays an important role in treating health conditions.

To put a specific boundary between two cannabis forms, the term hemp refers to therapeutic cannabis. And marijuana remains as it is to avoid confusion. What’s the difference anyway? The difference lies in the method of growing the plant. Hemp is specifically grown to be used as a source of fiber, essential oils and other therapeutic substances for health improvement. The plantation is highly controlled by industries. However, marijuana is not.

Healthy hemp is a female plant that provides better sources of nutrients. Marijuana, on the other hand, is not grown with therapeutic characteristics and is supposed to be “male” plants. Despite many debates about the safety in the use of this plant, many industries still believe that the Cannabis plant will turn out to be highly useful when the product is properly regulated.

How it Works

The most important parts of the plant that gives therapeutic effects are the seeds and its leaves. According to reports, medicinal use of this superfood has started 5,000 years ago.

At present, you can get the following medical and nutritional benefits from its use.

  • Known as a pain reliever, especially for gouty arthritis and rheumatism. Aside from the Chinese rulers in the past, other regions have also seen its positive uses. There are ancient Greek doctors who also believed that it can be a good analgesic or pain reliever.
  • It is now used to manage problems in epilepsy, insomnia, and cramps.
  • It is also believed to be effective in treating cough and managing inflammation.

The most common source of nutrients from this plant today would be from its seeds. In fact, its seeds nutrition is as powerful as many superfoods. You can check out our article on seeds to learn more about the Hemp seed nutrition, its benefits and other healthy seeds that are good for you.

Hemp in Menopause

The therapeutic part of the hemp that also address medical symptoms is the seeds. Its seed oil is very effective in dealing with several symptoms, especially in menopause. Some good hemp seed oil contains a healthy ratio of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids that are essential for controlling the cholesterol levels of the body. Because of this, it prevents women in menopause from developing hypertension and associated cardiovascular problems.

Therapeutic hemp is also a good source of vitamin E and protein. In this case, it has the essential amino acids that a woman needs to help her deal with the menopausal symptoms. The amino acids in the hemp protein are also effective in helping women avoid osteoporosis, especially during the postmenopausal stage. The seeds are also good sources of fiber, which helps in better digestion and prevention of constipation.

Other Uses

Aside from being a useful medicinal item, it can also be an excellent source of fiber to use in the production of paper and fabric. Reports about George Washington show that he used to plant Cannabis in his farms. The hemp fibers then become material for ropes, threads and canvas.

Also, as a fabric, the plant provides material for clothes, during the Revolutionary war. In fact, the parchments and the flags used during the declaration of American independence may have been made from the plant’s fiber.

Possible Side Effects

One serious question may be running in your mind right now. Am I going to test positive of Cannabis if I take this? Experts are very careful with the production of such Hemp plants and they make sure that you don’t get a high amount of THC from it.

THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol is the compound that makes cannabis a harmful substance. For therapeutic Hemp, this substance is controlled to a minimum amount. This means that taking hemp as a superfood is actually safe.

Buying the products

Since the production and growth of Hemp plants are highly regulated, there is very little to no chance at all of planting it domestically. There could be households growing Hemp, but they are not usually grown at a grade that passes for therapeutic uses. In this case, your only good source for good hemp is through superfood supplements.

Do you use therapeutic hemp? Leave us a comment about your experience!

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