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Have you ever felt too tired that it feels like you have lost all your energy even if the day has just started? Or have you felt really exhausted to the point that it has already affected your sexual drive? If this has happened to you,  you would most probably look for solutions to these problems, right? One excellent superfood that could help you with your concerns is bee pollen.

What is Bee Pollen?

As a superfood and a supplement, many people are confused about the exact composition of bee pollen. Many ask if it is a plant that is named bee pollen. In actuality, the bee pollens are those pollens from flowers attached to the legs of bees. It is normal for bees to jump from one flower to another, and their legs catch pollens at the same time. Experts believe that these pollens have therapeutic effects to some level. They are said to be rich in vitamins, minerals, proteins and carbohydrates.

How Bee Pollen Works

According to the website, the bee pollen is nature’s energy and nutritional tonic. This is also used for the same purposes in Chinese medicine. Therefore, bee pollen is mainly used to improve one’s immune system functions and increase energy levels. Bee pollen also helps with decreasing the growth of harmful bacteria in your body. This would only show that by taking bee pollen supplements, your body will try to fix itself even if you don’t normally notice it.

Importance in Menopause

The bee pollens are good sources of quercetin, a substance that boosts the immune system. Also, bee pollens are energy boosters, which makes them an excellent item for dealing with fatigue during menopause. The bee pollen also has the property to improve blood circulation; in this case, it can improve a woman’s sex drive during menopause.

Other Uses of Bee Pollen

Bee pollen can also be used to improve the body’s metabolism, telling you that it can help control your weight. It may also improve the integrity of your skin. In that case, it can help manage skin problems such as dryness, pimples and rashes. It is also believed to be effective in treating cough problems and epistaxis (nosebleed).

Side effects of Bee Pollen

The most common known problem with taking bee pollen is an allergic reaction. Some allergic reactions range from mild to moderate. However, there are also cases where a person may experience an anaphylactic reaction or a severe and more generalized allergic reaction. With an anaphylactic reaction, the person may have difficulty breathing or generalized edema (swelling).

There are also some reports, as stated in WebMD, that bee pollen consumption may possibly be unsafe for pregnant women. It may have a stimulating effect on the uterus and cause it to contract prematurely. If you are pregnant, avoid taking bee pollen to avoid risks during your pregnancy.

Buying Bee Pollen Supplements

Bee pollens are mostly supplied by industries that specifically farm bees. They often supply these items to manufacturers of bee pollen supplements, which you can buy from the market. Before buying and taking bee pollen supplements, assess if you are allergic to pollens. You can check your sensitivity to bee pollens by taking very few granules and placing them under your tongue. If there are no relevant reactions within a few minutes, you can proceed with taking the supplements in their recommended dose.

Bee Pollen is considered by many to be one of nature’s most powerful superfoods. High in protein and incredibly rich in vitamins and minerals, these tiny granules pack a punch.
Listen to Organic Chef and Energy Coach, Jo Rushton talking about all the amazing health benefits
of Bee Pollen plus get a tasty summer salad recipe!

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