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When was the last time you have made love with your spouse? Many menopausal women struggle to answer this question. Some may answer directly, but they’ll tell you that it has been a while since the last. But why? Because the drive isn’t there at all? Can your menopause be blamed for this? If these concerns are similar to yours, worry no more! Did you know that there is a great herb that can help you improve your libido? Gear up your sexual drive with the amazing Tribulus herb!


The Tribulus herb is also known as the Puncture Vine or Tiggarnot in Swedish. This herb is not known to a lot of individuals, but in Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine this herb is a superstar. This herb is more known in warmer regions. In fact, it is grown mainly in Africa and the temperate regions of Asia. Before scientific studies were made, this herb is said to be used by ancient medicine as a tonic and aphrodisiac. It is widely known to be a good substance that can help improve the sexual health of both men and women.


The studies about this herb have shown that it is an effective adaptogen. This means that it does not have hormones in it. It does not function as a hormone either. What it does is it acts directly on the pituitary gland of the brain to help release optimal amounts of testosterone. Testosterone is the main sexual hormone in males. It is produced in the male testes, but it can also be produced by females through their ovaries. This hormone is responsible for good erections in men and increased sex drive in both men and women.


According to studies, the herb is very effective in addressing problems related to sexual drive not only in women but also in men. It also helps women in enhancing ovulation. It acts directly on the pituitary gland and stimulates it to secrete hormones, optimally. As a result, estrogen, progesterone and testosterone levels are balanced. In this case, a woman who is in her menopausal stage will not suffer too much from the symptoms accompanying menopause, like hot flashes, night sweats and decreased libido. One study on the use of Tribulus and its effects to women have concluded that this herb may have a positive impact on their sexual activities. The study has found out that women with hypoactive sexual desire have increased their levels of libido after taking Tribulus treatments.


Aside from being a good means of improving sexual health, this herb is also widely used today as bodybuilding support. This herb does not affect too much of the hormones. However, it works by lowering cholesterol levels and keeping the muscles leaner. That is why many people who are involved in gym workouts use Tribulus supplements.


The use of Tribulus supplements may possibly cause nausea, diarrhea, and abdominal pain. The herb may also cause blood sugar levels to go down. Individuals who are diagnosed with diabetes may need to consult with their physician about the administration of this herb. If you are to undergo surgery, you may need to stop taking Tribulus supplements two weeks before the day of the operation. This is to make sure that its effects on your blood sugar will not interfere with your surgical operation.


There is no common method for the use of Tribulus as a home remedy. However, it is widely available as a supplement nowadays. Most of the Tribulus supplements are in the form of powder or capsule. The powder can be used as a tea. It is good to know that you can take this herb with other herbal supplements. If you are taking synthetic medications with this herb or supplement, you may need to talk to your doctor about it.

Below you find some good products with Tribulus that are natural and organic!

A healthy libido is vital to an optimal quality of life and is an important part of a healthy relationship. Women’s Libido helps restore sexual desire in women, whether it has become temporarily lessened or altogether lost. With Maca, Damiana, and Sarsaparilla, this formula works to tonify the female reproductive tract and normalize arousal and desire. Our mission is to create and nurture healthy connections between plants and people. We do that through finding and maintaining strong global relationships in addition to championing personal and environmental sustainability here at home, on our own organic farm.

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2 thoughts on “Tribulus”

  1. My doctor put me on Tribulus and Wild Yam Extract for menopausal symptoms. The only Tribulus I could find in my small town was an 1,100 mg capsule in the bodybuilding department of a nutrition store. I asked the doctor how many milligrams I should be taking and she said that since it hasn’t been approved by the FDA, she didn’t know. I’m sometimes having a side effect that is very uncomfortable. It feels like a very bad sunburn, but also like extreme burning/tingling of my forehead first, then down my face and inner arms. Those areas get flushed and if I’ve had caffeine, it gets a lot worse. Twice, I felt like I might pass out, but thought I must be having major anxiety about how my body felt. Now I don’t think so. I think it must have lowered my blood sugar tremendously. Then I’d get a headache that lasted 4 to 6 hours. I’m wondering if I need a lower dosage or just need to eat protein and avoid coffee with my morning medicines. What do you think?

    1. Hi Kelly,

      So sorry to hear that you’re experiencing such discomforts. However, we don´t give medical advice.

      WebMD is saying that Tribulus might decrease blood sugar and if you are taking other diabetes medications it might go too low. Link:

      Seeing another doctor and getting a second opinion can be valuable too.

      I hope you feel better soon! 🙂

      Take care,

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