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Feeling out of sync isn’t fun. 

It’s time to redefine midlife and live your BEST YEARS! 

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You will soon have the TRANSFORMATION you are eagerly looking for! 

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E-Books covering Menopause

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Introducing the Newest Addition to My “Midlife Tools”… 


FAST.EAT.THRIVE! course with bonuses.

FAST.EAT.THRIVE!™ is a self-paced course that’s as simple and straightforward as it sounds!

It covers:
→ The healing wonders and benefits of fasting
→ How to turn food into the best form of medicine
→ Holistic practices that help women go from “surviving” to “thriving”!


Fasting midlife women


Fasting has been practiced since ancient times. With so many fasting methods available today, it can take time to decide which one to choose.
However, there is a fasting approach designed specifically for women’s needs and considers their starting point.
You don’t have to worry because I have got you covered! FAST.EAT.THRIVE! is here to provide you with a step-by-step blueprint.

Nutrition for Menopause women.


Fueling the body with proper nutrition is at the core of this course.
Fasting heals, but so does food
! And that’s what makes FAST.EAT.THRIVE! truly holistic.
It values the importance of your diet, optimizing your gut health, preventing nutrient deficiencies, correcting imbalances in the body and improving your metabolism — all for a FLOURISHING MIDLIFE EXPERIENCE!

Well-being for women in Menopause.


The course tackles the key principles of movement, recovery, stress management, sleep, breathing techniques and anything else that makes room for inner peace.
It’s essential to take care of ourselves both physically and mentally, and this course provides valuable insights and techniques to help us do just that!

This is a course you do not want to miss!

IN midlife, every healthy choice is a step towards a fulfilling future.

Gita - founder of FAST.EAT.THRIVE!™
Hi there!

I’m Gita!
Your Nutritional Coach, Keto Coach & Certified Fasting Therapist.

I’m just a normal go-getter, like most of you ladies out there. But when menopause hit, I found myself feeling anxious, moody, and depressed. I also struggled to maintain a healthy weight, despite being active. It was frustrating not knowing what was happening or what to do about it. Quick remedies only left me stuck in a problematic cycle.

Do you know what stopped the downward spiral for me?
CHANGING HOW I SEE MY BODY. Functional medicine taught me that our body is made of intelligently connected systems. And popping a pill for every discomfort won’t do the trick!

That headache could be rooted in your gut. That weight problem could be from a blocked “internal drainage”. That unexplainable tiredness could be from the food you eat. That tummy problem could be caused by a nutrient deficiency.

By simply changing how I look at my body, I was able to figure out and overcome a lot of midlife discomforts. I identified where the symptoms were coming from and took the right steps.

So, I created My Menopause Journey to be a one-stop platform for midlife women. Whether you want to prepare your body, build your health, learn some lifestyle tips or get valuable tools for a THRIVING MIDLIFE, this space is made with you in mind!

♥ Love notes…

Words that fuel my mission!

I’m feeling better already just seeing some of this info briefly today, there’s HOPE for a much easier/happier transitional period (meno) after all. Your site covers answers many of my meno issues!!!
My LIFE will be forever changed with the info/tools that you provide. Cannot thank you enough.
Great/AWESOME job with your site! I’ll be sure to share it with my Meno friends!

Best wishes/Rose

Thank you so much for your good advice and precious help. I will read all the information you sent. Funny how it arrived at a good moment for me for. I am going through a very difficult period right now.  I am thinking about HRT for it seems to work wonders on many women…….for now, I think I will take 
the time to read all the great information you sent and tryto figure other options before starting HRT.

Thanks so much/Lynn

Thank you!
I am grateful to have found your page.
I had thought I was coping…
Then whamoooo! It hits hard.
All the usual coping goes out the window and the emotions set in. Have been sitting with myself, feeling the presents of the real me. Meditation if you like. Breathing is so good.
Must remember your support is here more often.

Thanks again/Judy

Explore and gain a better understanding of how your body works in midlife!

Facts about Menopause


Know what is going on in menopause and how our hormones play a big role is key!

Symptoms in menopause


Many different symptoms can show up in our menopause years. Find holistic solutions!

How to manage Menopause


You have a multitude of possibilities to explore. Don’t underestimate your body´s ability to heal!

Thrive through midlife with My MEnopause Journey!
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