Hormonal Change – Its Wild Effects to Women

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Hormonal Change in Menopause & Across All Ages

Hormones drive several bodily functions in men and women across all ages. They always change. They could increase or decrease in levels, depending on many factors. Age is one factor that affects both genders, but hormonal change is more pronounced in women during menopause. And, when this happens, it causes wild effects to the body!

Listen to the Health Bridge with Dr. Pedram Shojai featuring Dr. Tami and Dr. Mache Seibel as they talk about “The Wild Effects of Changing Hormones”. The video below will answer the following questions and more:

  • How can hormones affect a person’s health, body weight, and stress levels?
  • Is there a way to regulate hormones during menopause?
  • What kind of symptoms might a woman look for as they approach the age of menopause?

In the video, Dr. Seibel mentioned that you have to have healthy, sustainable habits to improve your Quality of Life. This is because there is no potion that you can take forever to keep yourself 100% young and fully functional. Nature on its own is balanced, and so is your body. But, stress and pressure on the body is not natural. There’s school from when you are younger and work when you’re older.

However, this doesn’t say that you should not be doing anything to your body to keep it running as it is. Dr. Seibel wants to show that you have to provide reinforcement to what is already naturally there. Healthy eating and exercise are just two of the powerful and helpful methods, but there’s still more!

Learn more about Hormones from our post too! Read our post on Hormone Balance and know how to check your hormone levels through Menopause Tests to Take.

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13 thoughts on “Hormonal Change – Its Wild Effects to Women”

    1. Kim Taylor Byrom

      I was 23 and went thru surgical menopause! Then again. Hormones do cra cra things to ya!!!!!

    2. Tanya Covington

      Oh yes, did you feel 4 yrs old again. Had too learn all over again , like who you are???

    3. Tanya Covington

      I have so many things wrong now, hashimotos thyroid autoimmune plus tick co infections.

  1. Sandy Summers Vines

    I hated that time, I went thru 10 years of hell and barly got thru it and had to have a Hysterectomy.

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