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Detox is the process of removing the toxins in our body by adhering to a diet or a regimen in a certain span of time. Certain processes of detoxification are proposed to help us excrete the harmful wastes stuck in our body, which our organs alone cannot fulfill. But how does detoxification help menopausal women?

Aside from detoxification could help women lose weight faster, it also aids to the reduction of the severity menopausal symptoms. The reason behind this is as we remove the toxins in our body, the traffic or flow of the components that are circulating in our system becomes more stable. As a result, the liver could function a lot better and therefore would metabolize and absorb the nutrients we consume more accurately; it will also lead to a balanced hormone by improving the communication between organs as we get rid of the toxins that block the body’s unity; and with detoxification, the removal of toxins will let us feeling lighter and better that would help us get over the menopausal symptoms with ease.

How to Detox

There are plenty of ways of how you can detoxify your body. Your choice depends on your lifestyle and where you are most comfortable. Some detox plans are done for a week, some for a month, and some even do it as long as they want subsequently adapting it to their daily lives. Though techniques vary in so many ways, the result and outcome is the same: removal of toxins and body cleanse internally and externally.

Liquid Fast
Consuming only liquid such as water, juice, vegetable juice, tea and protein shake for 2-3 days is how liquid fast is usually done. Do not forget to include vegetable and fruit mixtures or juices in the whole span of detoxification so your body would still acquire enough energy and nourishment. After the detox, it is recommended that you shift to a balanced diet to maintain the lost weight and the effect of detox in your body.

There are different ways of how to initiate liquid detox. Visit allaboutfasting to know different approaches of liquid fast.

Fruit Detox
Fruit detox is done by eating only fruits, whether a variety or only one kind, for 7 days straight. This technique is considered as the easiest and fastest way because you don’t have to starve yourself unlike the other methods. It is wise to choose a fruit that you like so you can get through the detox much easier, without the feeling of suffering. But keep in mind that fruit detox should not exceed 7 days in a row.

It is advised that in fruit detox we choose citrus fruits (i.e. oranges, lemons, tangerines, grapefruit, lime) because they have more powerful detoxifying components. It is also said that grapes are a good detoxifying fruit since it contains resveratrol that protects against cancer and diabetes, and a good source of potassium and vitamin C.

Long Term Detox
Long-term detoxification is not only a process but also a lifestyle you should be ready and willing to engage in. It includes change of meal plans, consuming healthy juices, doing exercise or yoga, and avoiding products or harmful vices like alcohol and cigarette in order to prevent the consumption of toxins that should be removed.

The first step is to carefully choose what you put in your body. Prefer organically grown crops and meat, as the conventional produce is most of the time cultivated with synthetic pesticides and chemical fertilizers. And conventional meat is usually injected with growth hormones, antibiotics and sometimes fed with synthetic medications that could bring unwanted effects in the body. Always check the label when buying products and reach for those that have a seal of organic certification.

Always keep yourself hydrated with water. Water is one of the most vital keys in detoxification since it keeps the body’s fluid balanced and flushes out blood urea nitrogen, which is the body’s main toxin. Experts recommend to add lime, lemon or orange juice in your water as they contain citric acid, an effective detoxifying agent, and also adds flavor to your water that will make you consume the daily recommended 8 glasses of water much easier. If you add citrus juice in your water, keep in mind to brush your teeth after meals to prevent acid erosion in teeth.

Reducing your alcohol intake is also necessary in detox since it is a source of several harmful toxins that we should prevent from entering our system. Though it doesn’t mean we should totally cease its consumption, its minimization is highly suggested.

Consume products that would help cleanse your internal system specially your liver.
These products could be dandelion root, milk thistle and green tea.

Useful Tips While Detoxifying

  • Bedtime Punctuality
    Sleeping is an important factor in detoxification as in Ayuverdic learning, the main treatment and purification of the body takes place between 10 pm to 2 am. Also having a quality sleep is important in order to have enough energy for the next day while detoxifying.
  • Choose What You Cook
    In cooking meals, it is preferable to prepare small meals but full with nutrition. Fill your plate with raw and organic vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds. Avoid using microwave in cooking or reheating food, and prepare meals that are slow-cooked if you have time.
  • Vitamin D in Detox
    Include vitamin D supplement in your regimen as it increases the amount of calcium in blood that aids for better detoxification. Calcium is a chelating agent, which attracts metal components in the body and removes it by excretion. This is why calcium plays a big part in detoxification and could even prevent cancer.
  • Purification of Notions
    Overall detoxification doesn’t only include the excretion of internal body wastes but also involves the purification of mind. So while you detoxify or after your detoxification, take time to meditate and get rid of the ugly notions in mind like anger, grudges, sadness and other negativities. Rest your mind on over thinking by simply having a leisurely walk, by finding fun and inspiring hobbies, meeting new friends, redecorating your home, or joining dance exercises with friends. Pursue things that would bring you glee and bliss, and at the same would nourish the soul.

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For detox beginners, there is a site that would guide you in detoxification by providing a starter-kit.
Here you find Dr Mark Hyman´s “Detox Recipes and Starter Kit”

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