1. I absolutely love this product. It helped me throughout perimenopause and I’m now in menopause. It has done exactly what is listed above. People don’t believe I’m 54 and I swear shatavari is a result of that. I would love to take this for the rest of my life if at all possible.

    • Hi Sue,
      It’s so nice of you to share this. Happy to know Shatavari is working great for you! Stay connected and join us for more helpful articles and tips to make your journey even better!
      Best Regards,

  2. Hello dear,
    I would ask if any women get pregnant as a result of her use Shatavari ,please tell me asap.

    • Hi Noor,

      Most of our followers don´t get pregnant anymore, whatever they eat or take. ;)

      But it’s possible that Shatavari could improve the chances of pregnancy, because it helps in ovulation, sex drive and reducing stress.
      As always, consult a doctor for good advice!

      If anyone has experience with Shatavari and pregnancy, please share here.

      All the best,


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