Hi there! Has Menopause hit you?

Every woman goes through this stage, but very few know what's going on in their bodies. It's not supposed to be that way!

I made this site to inspire and inform you, through experiences and practical tips, so you can live your best life ever!

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phytoestrogenic herbs

Phytoestrogenic herbs

Phytoestrogenic Herbs for Menopause The bodily changes that come with aging in women cause several symptoms that could be a …

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Adaptogenic Herbs

Adaptogenic Herbs for Balanced Hormones

Herbal medicine is widely known to be very effective in addressing specific medical conditions. We have mentioned Phytoestrogenic Herbs to …

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Pelvic Exercise for Your Pelvic Health

Pelvic Exercise for Your Pelvic Health

In keeping the body fit and healthy, exercise has an important role to play. However, the muscles that are commonly …

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About My Menopause Journey

For many women in midlife (75% actually), Menopause is a time with mood swings, hot body, poor sleep, anxiety and more. I had my share!
With this site, I want you to be prepared and learn what is going on and what you can do.
This is your guide to hormone and life balance.

What do I offer For a Happy Journey?

Pick a category below!


Knowing what is going on in Menopause
and how our hormones play a big role is key.


Many different symptoms can come in our Menopause years.
Know them and what to do.


There are many options to choose from. It´s easier than you think.
A healthy body will benefit you in many ways.


I love sharing what I use on my Menopause Journey.
It means I can help you feel better.


The more you know, the better choices you can make!

I know how tough Menopause and midlife can be. I have gone through it myself.

Feeling the best I ever have, I put together the best information, tips and guidance in my books.
Take advantage of them to become the best version of you!

Boost your energy with my


Simple things can make a big impact on your Menopause Journey.
I give you tools, tips, valuable information through my emails.

It´s all put together with you in mind. I want you to have the best journey possible.

Oh, and did I tell you - it is ALL for FREE!

Create space to do more of what you love ❤
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