Wellness and Cancer Survivor, Kris Carr

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As a woman, we experience piles of challenges in life that seem never to end. From the time we first have our menstruation, to raising kids, managing a family, to approaching menopausal stage. What more if life would throw us some serious illnesses? Kris Carr is an icon of women’s strength and has been an inspiration to tons of ladies worldwide. Though she had a battle with cancer, she has managed to keep up a healthy life and encourage as many people as possible to live life with courage, hope, and joy.

Who is Kris Carr?

Kris is a New Yorker who grew up in Pawling. She took her majors in English Literature and Art History at Sarah Lawrence College and later Marymount Manhattan College. Kris’s career started as an actress and photographer in New York. She began her photography business in New York around 1999-2006. In 2002, she directed her own film entitled “Redemption”.

Her career was starting to flourish until February 14, 2003, when she has been diagnosed with an extremely rare disease, a Stage 4 cancer called epithelioid hemangioendothelioma. This illness, though it moves slowly, has been greatly affecting her liver and lungs. This is when she closed her photography business in New York and decided to focus on living healthy and pursuing wellness.

Kris searched for ways to boost her immunity to be able to fight her illness. She maintained a nutritious diet, regularly drinks the healthiest juices, and began practicing meditation. Kris documented her journey with cancer, and created a film called, Crazy Sexy Cancer. Since then, more and more people, cancer patients and survivors, various women, and those struggling in life, look up to Kris Carr as an inspiration for strength, lover of life and optimism. Know more about Kris, and find the most helpful tips at her site here!

How Kris Carr Inspires People

Kris Carr inspires many people across various age groups and inspires not only women but also men. She shares her journey with the people through different media. Kris is a best-selling author, speaker, and wellness enthusiast. She wrote the New York Times Best Seller books, The Crazy Sexy Diet and the Crazy Sexy Kitchen. Her own directed film about her battle with cancer, Crazy Sexy Cancer, premiered at SXSW Film Festival. Kris regularly talks in front of a massive audience at hospitals, health and wellness centers, and corporations like Harvard University and Whole Foods.

Kris also wrote the book Crazy Sexy Juice. It contains a collection of over a hundred juices and smoothies that Kris created. Every recipe is brimming with nutrition and flavors that you would actually savor! These juices are the ones that helped her with her battle with cancer. Get her book today!

Aside from her books, Kris also adds color to the lives of many with the help of her Crazy Sexy Love Notes Card Deck! Her card notes bring out the best in women in whatever state they are in! The card notes let you read positive affirmations and lets you take a healthy dose of self-love every day! Check this video below and see how wonderful it is to think positively and appreciate yourself more with the Crazy Sexy Love Note Cards. (2.53 minutes)

This is a great present you can give to your friends! Why not get one for yourself too? Think positive and allow more optimism to flow through!

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