How to deal with menopause as a couple

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Menopause comes uninvited but needs a warm welcome. It is something that couples need to take on as a team and not individually. Indeed, your spouse plays a significant role in the whole process. Knowing that your spouse is there to back you up, to support and understand you in the life changing stage you are entering into, makes difficult changes bearable. One question may pop up in your mind right now and that is how to deal with menopause as a couple.

How to Deal with Menopause as a Couple

Menopause brings a lot of changes in a woman’s body. Along with this might be the feeling of fear and frustration of not being the same woman that she is prior to having this menopause stage. So a husband needs to know that his support will really make these emotional burdens of his wife a lot lighter. Being a friend, a listener and a companion that she needs in this crucial time is of the essence. Highlighting her strengths will boost her self esteem when it starts dropping.

However, fact is, this does not dawn on men easily. More often than not, during this time, couples withdraw from each other. Couples do not talk about menopause and its effects to a woman’s body. With that, they could hard deal with it when they needed to. Instead of drawing strength from a lifetime partner, they let the fire burn down and allow distance to slowly build in between. You have to understand that in reality, menopause is not easily discussed by couples that is why many marriages and relationships are strained during their late 40’s or 50’s because of the failure of openly discussing it and helping each other out.

So if you feel like you are riding a sinking boat, or your bed is as cold as December, it is a high time to start acting on it and save yourself from unnecessary hurts and frustrations. Save the boat before it sinks and don’t allow yourselves to be sleeping with a stranger in your own bed.

Need tips on how to deal with menopause as a couple? Check out these few guidelines on how to revive your romance the way it is back when you had your honeymoon:

  • Both of you, husband and wife, need to be emotionally ready in facing menopause and the symptoms that goes along with it. You need to understand and accept the nature of this life changing moment. With this, you are open to the tendencies that women cant help but feel a little sad and frustrated for not being as good as before.
  • Respect each other’s feelings. Listen to what your spouse think of the situation. Respect and having an ear to listen are prerequisites of meeting halfway. You cannot come up with a good decision together if you close your doors to your spouse’s sentiments. When raising your point, make it friendly and constructive. The manner and tone of the words deliver means a lot in the success of coming up with an agreed decision.
  • Make necessary adjustments. You can craft your own way of showing your love and affection to each other. Relive your younger years and never stop exploring on things that would surprise your partner. More than ever, it is now that you need to reassure each other your value as a person and how beautiful you both are despite time and age.
  • Most importantly, honor your bed and quality time together. This could be your mantra on how to deal with menopause as you both grow older. Your bed is where magic happens. It is not a battle field where you exchange arguments and sleep with it. It is where love and lust mean one and the same thing. Sex is a vital ingredient in a couple’s life. The intimacy and satisfaction you get from sex strengthens your bond as a man and a woman.That’s it! 4 easy steps you can do to save not just your wife’s perception of herself but also your sacred commitment. Trust me, it does not have to be done with a therapist or counselor, it just need to be initiated by you.

Life is such a beautiful thing that gives us the chance to love and be loved. So let not menopause get in the way.
Now we know that all it takes is a mind to understand and a heart to accept that menopause is but a part of our reality.


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