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I love sharing my menopause tips with other women! It means I can help them feel better.
With this inspiration, our site has a favorites page where you can see menopause resources we've tried and are still using.


On this page, you'll see exercise equipment, kitchen tools, helpful books and healthy supplements. We are all in charge of our health, but a little help from these resources won't hurt!


Check out our all-time favorites and see which ones you can use! 💜

Favorite exercise equipment

Jump Rope

Exercise Bands

Exercise Ball

Yoga Mat

Stainless Steel Water bottle

TRX Trainer

BOSU balance trainer

Kettle bell different sizes

Mini exercise ball

Favorite smart gadgets

Apple Watch

Smart Scale

Fitness Tracker

Blood pressure monitor

Apple watch charging stand

Favorite kitchen equipment



Mandoline Slicer

Hand Blender


Total Blender Classic

Favorite foods

Coconut Oil


Chia Seeds

Hemp Hearts

Pumpkin Seeds

Sunflower Seeds

Favorite books

Goddesses Never Age

Hashimoto's Food Pharmacology

The Hormone Cure

Eat To Live

The China Study


Female brain gone insane

Green Kitchen Smoothies

Serenity Yin Yoga

Favorite supplements
This is some of the supplements that we use.
They are not a substitute for good, healthy food. Only a complement.
Using supplement can be good but eating right, exercise, less stress is the first to look at.


Vitamin D3


Adrenal Response

Women over 40 One Daily

Women´s 55+ Multivitamin


Turmeric and Reishi

Red Juice

Mighty Maca

Green Juice


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