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We know that the struggle is real on losing weight. What’s harder? Maintaining it. Despite of following different diet programs, techniques, or eating almost nothing, shedding fats on our bellies never seemed to be easy as pie. Good thing there are helpful and reliable sites that could make it much easier. And one of the fitness gem sites we’ve found is Darebee.

What is

Darebee started out as a personal fitness blog of Neila Rey few years ago. It is in 2013, when a group of health and fitness enthusiasts (including Neila) managed the same site with the same concept and goal (only a new name) that began to diffuse in the web world.

The aim of darebee is to make fitness accessible to anyone, everyone, everywhere in the world for free. The group of passionate people behind Darebee built the place to make a difference in the realm of fitness; they have designed unique programs that are tried and tested, fun, easy and maintainable. Darebee fellows continually create and develop the trainings they have provided to accomplish a deeper mission. They believe that fitness is “a personal quest that changes you inside and out”, that doesn’t only improve your physique but also, “strengthen your resolve, forge a stronger, and a more capable you”; which with no hesitations, we affirm.

Why Darebee?

Aside from the site’s deeper mission, and totally requires no attachments; no sign ups nor a need of a single cent, in Darebee you can customize the exact program that you need. They provide an option to filter what you want to improve in your body; or equipment you are accessible to; even fun themes from anime’s, superheroes or games (how they work, better see it for yourself).

Darebee geniuses also provided challenges for the competitive ones, also some running programs, which are seldom found to some sites. They will also keep you from improving yourself through their inspirational ideas and motivational quotes. And also, they didn’t miss to furnish nutrition tips, meal plans, and deliciously healthy recipe treats. Darebee is truly a hidden gem we are delighted to tell you about, not to mention their forum page where you can meet new friends to share ideas, converse, or invite to jog with.

Work Hand-in-Hand with Darebee

Because Darebee is an independent, free site for everyone, they regularly need help for enhancement of their site. Though we think they are already one of the best havens of fitness that you can find in your browser, there is always a room for improvement in all aspects of life. Darebee fellows ask for suggestions of people on what to else to change, or add in the programs they provide. They are also open for collaborative projects that result to benefits of the both teams. Collaborations consist of suggestions of new programs with accreditation to the submitter. It costs none, pure and only exchange of help from the people whom helped by darebee.

Darebee also has no sponsors and is ads-free. They keep an honest relationship with their supporters through transparency, meaning there is no catch, no hidden links nor discreet required payments. They maintain the site through donations from people who care. Anyone could support the site by giving donations that vary from $1 to $10, or any amount the readers could give. How donations work could be seen here.

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