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Have you experienced pain when you are trying to pee? If you are positive about having that symptom, you might be having urinary tract infection. This is a common case that happens to women especially when they have imbalanced pH levels. The good news is that it can be managed with the help of the superfood, Cranberry.

What is Cranberry?

Cranberry is a small berry which is usually red in color. It is native to the North American regions and is usually eaten as ordinary berry. However, what not many people know is that it is actually a superfood which contains a lot of nutrients in it. It is believed to be very effective in keeping the body healthy, especially for women in menopause.

How it Works

Cranberry is said to contain proanthocyanidins or (PACs) that work as an excellent barrier or protector from bacteria and other toxins. When a person takes cranberries, the PACs lodge onto the linings of the cavity, just like the urinary tract and the stomach. On that note, they serve as barriers to bacteria, preventing the body from catching diseases. The World’s healthiest Foods have talked about the exceptional abilities of cranberries as well.

Importance in Menopause

Cranberry juice is said to be a powerful aid in preventing urinary tract infections in women who are in the menopausal stage. But how? The cranberry juices are known to be good in balancing the pH level in your urine. In that case, you are most likely to fight off any harmful bacteria if the pH level is in the normal range. Also, the PACs as mentioned earlier protect the lining of the urinary tract and prevent the person from getting an infection.

Other Uses of Cranberries

Besides the fact that it is highly effective when it comes to urinary tract infection management, especially in menopause, it is also beneficial for the prevention of stomach ulcer. The PACs lodge onto the lining of the stomach and prevent the bacteria that usually cause ulcers like Helicobacter pylori. An abstract of a study about the efficiency of cranberries when it comes to inhibiting bacteria from lodging onto cavity lining can be read here.

Cranberries are also considered natural antioxidants. They are rich in phytonutrients and fiber, and have compounds that break down bad cholesterol preventing heart diseases.

Possible Side Effects

Although the cranberries are known to be effective in preventing bacterial adherence, there are also studies that can show that cranberries can have side effects too. The most common side effect that one should check before taking cranberry supplements is an allergic reaction.

As stated in the Pharmacotherapy Journal, an increased consumption of cranberry juice can lead to the destabilization of warfarin functions in the body. Warfarin is a medication that is meant to thin the blood to avoid clotting. When a person takes high amounts of cranberries while in warfarin therapy, he may be at risk for bleeding as warfarin functions are destabilized. Cranberries are also considered natural anticoagulants, so normally, they are not safe to use with any other anti-coagulant therapy.

Buying Supplements

You can look for the cranberries in your local supermarkets. Or you can look for cranberry juices as well. You’ll see how much Cranberry Juice benefits you can get when you drink it. If you can’t take cranberries as fruit or juice, you can always opt for supplement forms. Take supplements that are not sweetened or in its concentrated form. In that way, you can be assured that you get to have all the nutrients that you need without worrying about increasing your blood sugar unintentionally.

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