Cooling Pillow for Hot Flash Relief and Better Sleep

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Just hearing the words “cooling pillow mat” sounds so good! They’re probably soft and cuddly, and you immediately feel like having a good night’s sleep.

Sure, these products can help you doze off, but to top it off, they ease some of your biggest discomforts during menopause – hot flashes and night sweats! Let’s check out the complete benefits of a cooling pillow and some products that you can try!

Benefits of Cooling Pillow Mat

Imagine laying your head on a pillow that stays cool all night. It would be so comfortable that you’d probably be on cloud nine even in your dreams!

One of the best ways to assist our body in lowering down our core temperature is through cooling pillows or mats. Melatonin, a hormone that promotes sleep, also needs a cool environment so the body can produce it.

In addition to improving your quality of sleep, cooling pillow mats can also:

  • Prevent and relieve hot flashes and night sweats
  • Lower body temperature during fevers
  • Help with headaches or migraine relief
  • Prevent and manage heat stroke

When buying a cooling pillow mat, choose those that are filled with gels instead of water. The gel holds the coolness of the environment longer, and you won’t worry about leakage problems. You don’t have to take the time to fill it with cool or warm water and wait for it to change temperature. With gel cooling pads, temperature shift is quicker.

Grab and own a cooling pillow today! Now, you can lay back, relax, enjoy the cool feeling and sleep well!

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