Coffee and Healthy Alternatives for Women Over 40

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Are you one of those people who always has to start the day with a good cup of coffee? Well, welcome to the club! ?

It’s pretty undeniable how coffee makes us feel like “superhumans”. Every day, we see people dropping by a coffee shop while making their way to work. Coffee has also served as a bridge among people, whether it’s for an important meeting or just a fun day-out! And hey… some of the world’s most revolutionary thoughts also happened over a delightful brew!

So, what is up with this magical little cup?

In this article, we will talk about the benefits of coffee, particularly for menopausal women. If you are not a fan of coffee or simply concerned about its possible health risks, this article is for you too! Yup, speaking of its potential health risks, you might be wondering if they truly exist. We got a pretty good discussion for that later! As you go further, you will also discover a lovely list of coffee alternatives that will keep you healthy and energized daily in menopause!

Let’s get started! ☕

Everything to Know About Your Morning Cup of Joe

First, let’s talk about the benefits of coffee!

Typically, we think of “caffeine” when we talk about coffee. But more than that, a wide range of coffee benefits actually come from its high levels of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds. According to John Hopkins Medicine and other related studies, coffee boosts our health when taken in the right amount. Besides the energy, alertness and mental boost that coffee gives, it also provides many health benefits, especially for women in menopause!

  • It can help with weight loss.
  • It can help improve cognition and mood.
  • It can help keep your hearing sharp.
  • It can help prevent oxidative stress.
  • It can prevent inflammation.
  • It can help reduce the risk of chronic diseases.

Now, what is the downside of coffee? ?

One of the most popular claims about the risks of drinking coffee is bone loss. Is coffee really a bad guy for our bone health?

Studies show that coffee, specifically its caffeine content, has been associated with reduced calcium absorption. We all know that we need enough calcium to prevent osteoporosis and other bone-related conditions in midlife, right?

So, YES… Caffeine may negatively affect our bones due to its slight effect on calcium absorption. However, the negative impact of caffeine on bone health becomes weak for those who are getting enough calcium from their diet. This is the part where we say NO… Moderate caffeine intake is NOT a bad guy for our bones, after all. The American Bone Health™ says that if you have sufficient calcium and vitamin D intake, your bone health can be the least of your worries if you can’t go a day without a café! ?

Moreover, if you’re drinking coffee and you experience shakiness, palpitations, difficulty to sleep or fatigue, chances are high that you’re drinking too much coffee. Some people may also not realize that grabbing a to-go cup from famous coffeeshops contain many high-calorie ingredients — like whipped cream, sugar and whole fat milk! Over time, they can lead to weight gain and increase the risk of type 2 diabetes. Therefore, always be mindful of the things you add to your coffee!

Many factors can draw a fine line between “healthy” and “unhealthy” coffee consumption. There are different effects for short-term and long-term intake and the quality of coffee you drink. It is also important to be aware of the AMOUNT of coffee you take because it matters big time! So, I got one word for that — MODERATION!

Now, how much coffee is “okay” and how much is “too much”? Listen to Dr. Eric Berg, one of the top ketogenic diet experts, as he explains the healthy amount of coffee to take! ?

How Much Coffee is Too Much? – YouTube

Here are more tips to make your daily cup healthier! ?

  • Add cocoa nibs: Cocoa is known for its anti-inflammatory properties, which may help lessen the risks of getting cancer, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis and depression! Adding it to your coffee also gives a healthy hint of chocolate and I know you won’t say no to that!
  • Add protein powder: Protein is a nutrient that promotes muscle-building, repairs tissue, makes enzymes and aids in weight loss! Step up your midlife health with these benefits by adding protein powder to your coffee!
  • Add collagen powder: Collagen Is packed with vitamin C, vitamin E, zinc and silicon. These nutrients are proven to heal stretch marks and prevent wrinkles by restoring the skin’s flexibility! Glow up with the combined benefits of coffee and collagen!
  • Add MCT oil: MCT oil is beneficial for people with fat absorption problems because the body absorbs it more easily! Learn more about the benefits of adding MCT oil to your coffee through Dr. Berg’s video below! Why Use MCT Oil in Your Coffee?
Why Use MCT Oil in Your Coffee?
  • Add some herbs: Cardamom, nutmeg, ginger, cinnamon, mint and lion’s mane mushroom are among the best herbs to match up with your coffee! I promise, they will give a great flavorful twist to your coffee and boost your midlife health! Lion’s mane mushroom, for one, has impressive effects on our mood. This herb is also known to reduce cholesterol and blood sugar levels!

  • Go organic: Coffee products that went through many processes are usually the ones that can give you the jitters, headaches and other discomforts! Therefore, choose organic coffee as much as possible. Organic coffee is grown without harmful chemicals and contains more nutrients! You can also get bonus credits for social responsibility by supporting the farmers and making their methods more sustainable!

Healthy and Energizing Coffee Alternatives

As I have mentioned, this article isn’t only made for coffee aficionados. After all, every one of us is just searching for something that could support our health in midlife and spend our day with energy! So, here are coffee alternatives that will help you get up and go daily! ?

In the morning, you can choose from these healthy and energizing drinks:

  • Lemon Water: Lemon helps prevent skin conditions, regulates pH levels in the body, improves hair health and contains high amounts of vitamin C. With a single piece of lemon, you can already get about 50% of your daily vitamin C needs!
  • Green Tea: This tea is super refreshing in the morning and contains the highest content of powerful antioxidants called “polyphenols”! Moreover, it is widely known that antioxidants fight free radicals. These cell-damaging compounds damage our DNA and cause chronic stress. Free radicals also contribute to the aging process and health problems like cardiovascular disease and cancer.
  • Dandelion Tea: Dandelion leaf is popularly used for the prevention of gout, arthritis, skin conditions and gastric headaches. It is also excellent for detoxification, as well as optimizing our gut health!
  • Turmeric Tea: Turmeric has been long used in Chinese and Indian medicine as an anti-cancer agent. Turmeric is also believed to ease toothache, sprains and wounds, as well as prevent conditions like Alzheimer’s disease and rheumatoid arthritis.

In the middle of the day, here are various drink options to keep you going:

  • Matcha Tea: Matcha is rich in caffeine and amino acids! Like green tea, matcha also contains a high concentration of antioxidants. The most potent antioxidants found in matcha are “catechins”, which prevent cell damage and lowers the risk of chronic diseases. Moreover, studies show that the catechins and caffeine found in matcha have a beneficial impact on weight loss and management!
  • Maca: Maca is a powerful herb, especially recommended for midlife women! It is rich in antioxidants, balances estrogen levels and enhances energy, mood and memory! Typically, maca has an earthy, slightly nutty taste. Its powdered form can be easily added to your healthy green smoothie or mixed into your favorite recipes!

    Before bedtime, relax and enhance your evening moments with some calming drinks:

    • Chamomile Tea: Chamomile is commonly regarded as a sleeping aid! Its calming effects are attributed to its most abundant antioxidant called “apigenin”. Apigenin binds to brain receptors that decrease anxiety and initiates sleep. Chamomile also hold promising benefits to prevent inflammation!
    • Valerian Root Tea: Today, valerian is one of the most popular herbal sleep aids in the regions of Europe and the United States. It is believed to increase levels of a neurotransmitter called gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) — which increases sleepiness. Also, it doesn’t have any adverse side effects, such as morning drowsiness!
    • Lavender Tea: Lavender tea is made from the tiny purple buds of lavender. Originally native to the Mediterranean region, lavender is now grown worldwide! Lavender enthusiasts are growing as they drink lavender tea for relaxation and promote better sleep quality!
    • Passionflower Tea: Passionflower tea is made from the dried leaves, flowers and stems of the Passiflora plant. Traditionally and up until now, passionflower tea is widely used to alleviate anxiety and improve sleep quality!

      Never Forget… WATER! ?

      When it comes to hydration, nothing beats the wonders of water. The National Academy of Medicine suggests an adequate water intake of at least 9 cups for women. Higher amounts may be needed if you are physically active or exposed to warm weather. Remember, water accounts for about 60% of our body weight when we reach our adult years! It is essential for us especially at this age, so optimal hydration is a key component in optimizing our health! Personally, I always take one big glass of water together with my coffee — the classic French way that never goes out of style! ?


      So, there you have it! You have learned the health benefits of coffee and some helpful tips to keep your daily coffee intake at healthy levels! Also, you can now diversify your ways to kickstart your day by going for energizing coffee alternatives! Thankfully, there are limitless healthy drink options for us to choose from — we got no reason at all to go astray from our midlife health goals! ?


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