1. hi Dr Axe. My name is Patty, I am 57 in good shape and am post menopausal. I have not seen you comment on this. Please Help!.. I have followed your advise to the tnow for 7 mos. since I had at first, thrush. my diet is clean I have cleaned up my digestive tract with collagen l glutamine. coconut oil and in the can, etc. stopped ppi`s but in that time I have had 2 vaginal yeast infections along with this past week a vaginal yeast infection and bladder infection. I am so frustrated and my home life and sense of well being is really affected. The doctor I seen said I had vaginal dryness and I needed to fix my ph down below or I will continue to have these issues. he suggested premarin cream along with giving me antifungals and antibiotics. I have tripped my 50 bil Renew Life probiotics. I live I n Canada, we do not have testing and all I am told is take this med and it will go away! it does not. I am totally lost. I have started today with EstroSense and Rhoziva and am hoping this will help. I would really appreciate any more help you can give me as you obviously know and understand candida better than anyone…. please help! Respectfully Patty

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