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Exploring places has significant benefits to couples. Short or long breaks from work or daily routine could not only be indeed, a delightful escape but also strengthens the bond of the relationship. Spontaneous travel experiences ignite the spark of long-term couples, and bring back the bliss of youthful years together. Even the strongest couples suggest it is better to spend money for traveling with your significant other rather than buying expensive gifts, because compared to materialistic gifts and treats memories that couple would gather together will never fade. Uncovering unknown alleyways, unfamiliar avenues or hidden beaches together could not only bring the couple closer, but would let each other appreciate the other half and know that until this point in time, after long years in league, you have each other to cherish dearly.

Types of Trips

Getaways don’t have to be grand and luxurious. Couples could also enjoy simple and short escapes from normal routines. Try exploring the newly opened hotel and resort in your town; get a taste of the unfamiliar cuisine from a restaurant just an hour away from home; or take a peek at the museum that both of you have been dying to see. As long as it’s a new place or activity that you haven’t done together is a good way of achieving a quality time spent. Seek for a venture that isn’t far or too expensive but both of you could talk about someday and could as well suggest to your friends and families in your future gatherings.

For sea-lovers we know that the existence beside the ocean is just ineffable. And it would be extra special if someone you adore was at your side. Wander at the cays and coasts of an astonishing hidden island, or visit the nearest beach from your home just to savor the sea breeze and sands on your feet. There are also bunch of activities at the sea. You and your loved one could enjoy kayaking that is available in most resorts. Why not try  bodyboarding or windsurfing. When the sun sets, relish an intimate talk behind a bonfire, or reserve a room for two at your dream tropical resort; each place sure sounds fun and exciting, also equally romantic as long as you’re with your beloved.

Cold weather would surely make the couple closer (could be literally). No wonder some couple prefers snow than sand. Share body heat and admirable duvet over a nice glass of wine behind the fireplace; it would surely fire up the fizzling romance. For more adventurous couples, skiing on mountains would certainly be fun. While beginners could have twice the mirth, as both of you could watch each other slide and fall, share laughter, excitement, get well and learn a new tricks together. Cross-country skiing is a popular sport in snow covered terrains. It is a perfect activity for couples that could be done for recreational purposes and a good way of transportation, too. Another favored activity at snow-smothered mountains is snowboarding. As fun as skiing though snowboarding is similar to skateboarding that uses a single board that would let you slip and slide on icy hills. A bit daring but worth the experience.

If both of you love nature, try hiking and breathe in the fresh air of the mountains. Get in touch with nature. Besides, long walks, and treks are also a good exercise. And there are also fun activities in the mountains like letterboxing. Letterboxing is a combination of hiking and treasure hunting, which is most popular in North America. There are numerous adventures and leisures at the hills, like rafting and caving. While both of you could also bring out your creativity in olive and lime-hued lush, do painting or photography. Either way would let you take home a piece of art that could be part of your memoir. Aside from strenuous activities, the mountains is also the perfect place to attain peace. Listen to the chirping birds, and feel the brush of breeze, take this serene chance of meditating with your partner.

Some people also dig to roam around the concrete walls, buildings and asphalt streets. Couples could visit the busy cities and learn the culture of an unknown setting. Try the most popular diners, street foods or bars of your most desired town. Take a tour at the historical places of the town, or go shopping at the most popular malls. Ride a train or a bus, feel the culture and the life of the city. Discover unknown passages and hidden food stalls, and take long walks until both of your reach nowhere. It’ll surely be one of your mind-capturing moments. And when the sun sets, lovers could mingle to pubs and make new friends from different places. Either way, every adventure sounds as much enticing; and at the end of a long day both of you could just stare at the shimmering city lights from your room, submerging at the very moment.

Helpful Sites for Travelers

Straight to the point, traveling is not as easy as how pleasing it sounds. Especially if you’re the type of couple that seldom goes unattached to your comfort zone and couch. You got to have some valid info and connections to avoid the hassles of sleeping at the subways or getting lost. Here are some sites that could help you on your way:

Sandals Resorts International

As an award-winning hospitable company, SRI has numerous brands and resort branches around the Caribbean that you could choose from if you and your loved one desire of a hassle-free vacation in front of a picturesque Caribbean sea. Sandals claims they have the best romantic getaways due to agreeable aspects: They offer the best Caribbean beaches; they would let couples discover the utmost gourmet dining; they have gathered the best entertainers; they only have well-trained, warm, reliable staff; they offer luxurious accommodations; they have prepared infinite various activities for couples; they have top-rated spa and other channels of relaxation; and a lot more.


One of the Forbes most trusted companies, and the world’s leading online marketplace for vacation rental, this site would help you find your temporary home in any part of the globe that lets you avoid the difficulties of searching for hostels or fully booked hotels as you go along in your travel. They have more than 1 million vacation rental homes in 190 countries that you could choose from. Travelers could choose their dwelling based from their needs: budget, location, property type, number of guests, even the number of available rooms. Homeaway automatically chooses the definite place based on the set of checklist they have prepared. The best part, there are no traveler fees, no hidden charges, just genuine help to your comfort.


Transitionsabroad specializes in helping people who want to travel overseas either for leisure, work, studying or setting for good. They have gathered and created articles about job openings in various places, available travel programs and tips to initiate different types of trips. They have also gathered companies, groups and organizations willing to assist people who like to visit certain places. What’s interesting about transitionsabroad is they have a number of activities for middle age people who would like to make life-changing adventures in and travel to different parts of the globe. Some of these adventures are what they call, Senior-Friendly Volunteer Vacations and Senior Travel Programs. Though both differ in such ways, the two travel programs involve staying in a foreign land for a specific span (mostly 3 months), to learn the culture, engage with locals, groups and organizations, and offer services like educating children or preserving nature in return for meals or lodging, or just to extend help to other people.


Eldertrek is the world’s first ever travel company that aims to help people over 50 years of age. They offer “exotic adventures” to almost 100 countries all over the world. Some of the trips of eldertrek are hiking at Himalayas, expeditions to the Arctic and Antarctic, personal interaction with the tribes and wildlife of African Safari, and so much more. They have all-inclusive packages, and make sure each stay has the most pleasing comfort. But if ever sharing facilities is inevitable it’ll be clearly noted. Experts and friendly guides accommodate every trip, and some of Eldertrek’s adventures also involve interaction with locals and extending help to people in native schools and orphanages.

Road Scholar

Sine 1975, Road scholar offers more than 5,000 educational tours in 150 countries. Unlike other travel companies, their mission is to encourage the adults to engage in life-long learning and discoveries. They have gathered experts who will guide the participants in each travel adventure, while also stimulating friendship. What’s fascinating about road scholar is you can choose a program based on your preferred location, map, interest, activity level, and other subcategories, that would surely let you pick the one your heart desires.

Grand Circle Travel

GCT is also one of the best travel companies that focuses on people 50 years and older. They are committed to changing the lives of the people by providing meaningful experiences through “philanthropy, social entrepreneurship, and volunteerism”. GCT has been established as early as 1958 by educator and founder of the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP),Ethel Andrus himself and has let the whole team see the world as a channel to infinite discoveries and lifelong illumination. From small-ship cruises, river cruises, adventure travels, and more, they have prepared a vast list of travel choices for a comprehensive value.

Vantage Deluxe World Travel

Vantage Deluxe World Travel has helped more than 450,000 travelers worldwide. They have managed to keep good relationships between their connections around the globe that lets their customers save 20-30% on travel commissions. Each journey they provide gives opportunity to their travelers to immerse with locals and culture through a program they call, “Cultural Connections and Learning Discoveries”, which includes homemade meals hosted by warm and hospitable locals; cultural lectures, and moving ethnic performances. Vantage Deluxe World Travel claimed a number of honors and recognitions from known and respected travel organizations and groups. And just recently, last 2014 they have achieved the 4th place at Condé Nast Traveler Gold List awards.



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