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Among the many amino acids in the body, Arginine is one of the most important nutrients that a woman in menopause age needs. find out how it works in the body and what nutrition it can give.

Importance: highly essential for treating hot flashes during menopause; Prevents heart problems in postmenopausal stage.

Recommended Dosage: Therapeutically safe dose is 400 to 6,000 milligrams in a day. Recommended dose for women is 4 to 6 grams or 4,000 grams to 6,000 milligrams in a day.

Food Sources: abundant in peanuts, walnuts, sesame seeds and oats. They can also be found in green peppers, quinoa and spirulina. Meat, fish and some dairy products could also be good sources.

Food SourcesAmountEquivalent Value of Arginine
Walnuts (chopped)¼ cup1,130 milligrams
Almonds (oil roasted)¼ cup970 milligrams
Almonds (raw)¼ cup880 milligrams
Peanut¼ cup815 milligrams
Other kinds of nuts¼ cupLess than 800 milligrams
Spinach3 oz or 100 grams3,300 milligrams
Lentils3 oz or 100 grams2,100 milligrams
Whole Wheat3 oz or 100 grams650 milligrams
Eggs (raw egg yolk)3 oz or 100 grams1,100 milligrams
Eggs (raw egg white)3 oz or 100 grams650 milligrams
Tuna and Salmon3 oz or 100 grams1,200 to 1,700 milligrams
Low fat Sesame Seeds1 oz or 28 grams4,963 milligrams

If you are wondering about what other kinds of food contain arginine, you can check this website for more food sources:

You can also obtain Arginine in supplement form. It can be incorporated in multivitamins but in lesser amounts. However, you can get Arginine supplements, too. Arginine supplements are taken in two to three divided doses daily. A maximum of 6,000 milligrams daily.

Good Labels and Where to Buy:

  • Puritan’s Pride Free form L-Arginine – Available as over-the-counter supplement and can be bought online.
  • Formor Cardio Cocktail – can be bought online
  • L-Arginine by Empirical Labs – Available over the internet

Aside from Arginine, there are more essential amino acids that can make menopause easier. Some of them may even help produce your happy hormones, making you feel good and healthier as you go through the transition!


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